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  1. Since i'm a heavy planner, i already have some idea about this for my current WIP (which is still in the planning phase) Valerie (MC) - Valerie undergoes several major changes. In the beginning she is very obsessed with being recognized by the society as a scientist. Her primary goal is to increase her standing in that community. At the end she willingly becomes an enemy of the church (in a society where religion is a big thing and the church is quite powerful) in order to save the world. Another major development is her faith. In the beginning her faith is broken by a past traumatic event. Rediscovering her faith and accepting the religion is her major internal arc. Farus (Antagonist) - Farus is an agent of the church sent to deal with "disruptive entities". In the beginning he is a willing follower, believing in discipline and order. He has a clear moral compass and sees himself as the good guy. His world view gets shaken and turned upside down during the story, so in the end he doesn't know what is right or wrong anymore. Which shows itself in the end, when he lets Valerie and the other main characters go, instead of stopping them. The other characters aren't detailed enough to already have arcs. World - Religion and the church are a big thing in my world. Both are used to justify a two-class system (Noble vs common). The noble class controlls the military power, the church controlls the rare magic users. At the end of the story a truth is revealed which undermines this system. The whole religion and the segregation of the two classes is built upon lies, which get exposed. Magic (might) become more widespread instead of being tightly controlled by the church. I think especially the world changes open the possibility of a sequel, although that is not on my mind right now. Planning and writing that story in the first place is a task big enough already.
  2. I don't think the number of named characters is a problem in itself. A problem only occurs if you have too many characters the reader should care about, or to many names that the reader has to remember right now. For the first point - too many characters to care about - it is helpful to categorize the characters. I use three main categories. Main Characters Support Characters Background Characters Main characters are all character that have their own arc. These are the protagonist, the love intereset and the antagonist for example. These are the characters the reader gets deeply invested in, so they should be low in number. Also because each character needs enough page-time to fully grow. Support characters are fleshed out characters, that appear for some time or in several important scenes but that don't have their own arc. They still get fleshed out and get backstory developed. Background characters are characters that just pop up to serve a single purpose or a single scene. The barmaid or tavern owner. The mayor the protagonists speak to once and then never again etc.. They don't get a proper backstory and personality. For me they are part of the setting. You have a problem with too many characters if the first category has to many characters. Background characters can be as numerous as required and the difference between support and background character, for me, is mainly in how i prepare them. However all these characters can have names. Background characters don't always need names but sometimes do. So ask yourself where all your named characters fall in terms of importance to the story. If you have to many main characters i would take a look at it if you can't demote some main to support. A big cast usually requires a big book or series as each important character requires enough pagetime to be fleshed out for the reader. Or ask yourself if you really need that many characters or if you can't get rid of some or combine others. The second point is more related to the time named characters appear and disappear in the book. Every time a new character is introduced, the reader has to remember their name. Once that character leaves the reader might forget the name. If that character does not appear again in the book that is totally fine. A reader would only get overwhelmed with names if to many named characters are introduced without enough named characters leaving. However if you remove characters from the book at the same rate as you do introduce new characters, everything is fine. Maybe you have 100 named characters, but if only 5 names are really relevant each chapter, the reader only has to remember five names. Some interesseting facts: I once read, that there are over 2000 named characters in the Wheel of Time series. And in the beginning there were 4 main characters, which was trimmed down to three during editing.
  3. In my new WIP the people use paper money, like we do today. The reason is simply because metals are too expensive to be used as a basic currency. My world is pretty uncommon, in that it is a tree and the people live on a layer of soil on top of the massive branches. Which means there is no natural rock or ore to mine. The metal in use, is extracted from the ground water using plants (Hyperaccumulators) but the quantity is much lower than that of a typical mine. Wood in contrast, is a pretty common material and paper is therefore not a big step. And thanks to the printing press, producing a large number of paper bills isn't such a problem. Funny thing is, that article was handy, as i was just thinking about a fitting name for my currency.
  4. It took me a while to decide to start a new project this Nano. My minimal elevator pitch ist: The world is a tree - and it's dying. Unfortunately it's only hope is a young female botanist with an attitude problem. It might sound funnier in german, than my english translation. The story is more about clashing ideologies, the FMC, who has lost her faith clashes with the mighty church and the main conflict mimicks the climate change problem of the real world. However because i started planning this thing so late (two weeks ago), i'm not ready yet to actually start writing the novel. Instead i will be spending november actually planning and fleshing out the plot, characters and world.
  5. - You stay late at work, just so you can directly go from work to the late write-in..
  6. Only one comes to mind. I have my first ever written story "The skeleton" on paper. My intention is to type it into the computer and do a complete rewrite. Since it is rather short (6 pages), it is not that much work and i want to do it as an experiment on editing and getting a clearer picture how far i've come since then. But i will finish the first draft of Tigerhall first.
  7. https://nanowrimo.org/participants/magicmagor
  8. I don't think i have written anything since last camp. Will try to stir it up again with this camp. Just created the project, so would be nice if you could send me an invite. Even though i'm a bit late. Username is magicmagor
  9. Thats what i also thought but no. After the move there was a lot of things to be done, so the weekends were also pretty full of work which sapped my energy to write. Also it's quite different to have no internet for one or two weeks maybe and half a year (no internet since december). At one point it just becomes extremly frustrating. I'm crossing my fingers for next week.
  10. What time of day do you write best, for example? In the old apartment i tried writing in the mornings, before going to work. Worked well most of the time, but in the new apartment with the longer commute this isn't an option. I'm too tired in the evenings so nowadays i mostly write on the weekends. General afternoon is usually a good time but over all i have no fixed time (yet). Do you listen to music when you write? Yes. It gets me in the mood for writing and helps block out the general noise of daily life. Since we don't have proper internet yet (if all goes well only 1.5 weeks) i don't use my spotify playlists and thus don't write as much as i could. (Yes i know it's an excuse) Do you try to write a set number of words per day? In the past i did. Probably because my first NaNo in 2016 really helped me to get more confidence in my writing i've stick with the idea of setting a word count goal to motivate myself. Last month i realised that setting such a goal is actually preventing me from writing. If confronted with such a goal my brain wants to do everything but write and after i fail the goal i feel guilty etc.. Thats why i switched to a time goal for camp, which worked a lot better. What's your writing space? A small desk, unorganized, messy and a macbook in the center - not taking a picture, sorry. Sometimes i move to the couch and changing the place can help me if i'm stuck. I'm looking forward to the time when i can sit on the balcony and write :-) What do you do when you're stuck? Depends. Sometimes changing the place where i write can help but often i'm just switching what i write. If i'm stuck with the actual plot i write character background or do some worldbuilding. Or decide that its not gonna work today and stop. The best ideas to solve the problems i have in my writing come to me when i'm not focusing on writing, so stopping is sometimes the best course of action for me.
  11. I want to update my wordcount! username: MagicMagor words written: 1747 is this your new total or the words to add? words to add
  12. I'm stuck and i hate my current writing. In part this is because i've reached that slow middle and i have to push through. It's the first time i've come this far in a novel so i have no prior experience helping me through this. Currently there a two seperate plotlines. Seth, my main character, is trapped by his injuries in a small farming village. This was meant to be a place where he can show first signs of grow as a character. But i have trouble writting purely character scenes and while i know how Seth feels about his situation i have no idea how he will react. Which makes following this plotline difficult. The other is Embers (the second MC) investigation about the attack, that Seth survived. Here i have more action going, more actual plot. But while Ember is designed to be the second main character her character is still rather flat and i still haven't figured out her character arc. But as there is more action in her plotline i'm currently mostly writing her part and ignoring Seths. Which makes me starting to fear she might take over the story. And then there are the many holes i have in my worldbuilding. Apart from the magic system nothing is really developed far. Switching to write in german, my mother tounge, helped a bit but i'm still struggling to write anything. And what i write is utter crap. Also i have not reached yet the actual meat of the plot i planned out in my initial outline. This story was meant to be about Seth being thrown into a (civil) war and growing through his war experiences. But only at the end of the two currently planned plotlines do Ember and Seth meet and the event happens, which will spark the war. If i could i would end the story there. It would be a good climax and some external conflict is resolved - but i'm not sure if Seths character arc can end there. If i continue the story however i don't know how big it will get.
  13. I want to update my wordcount! username: MagicMagor words written: 1653 is this your new total or the words to add? Words to add
  14. I ignore them. I like to believe that tropes itself are never cliche. Instead i define a cliche as a badly executed trope. Because in the end what makes one story interesseting and another one boring is the execution, not the basic idea. If you boil a story down to its basics, there are probably only a handfull of different storylines (i once heard the number 6 mentioned in that regard) and what you describe sounds like one of these basic storylines. MC comes to a strange new world, grows accustomed to it, finds love and in the end must defend his "new home" against agressors. Avatar isn't the first story to use that kind of story, at least pochahontas uses the same, but i'm sure there are many more. Also overused tropes can function as a sort of anchor for your readers. Readers like both something familiar in a story and something new - how much of each probably varies by person. I would say more important than the fact, that your MC comes to a exotic land and finds a love interesset is how exotic that land is. Personally i'm a fan of prophecies, choosen ones, farm boys who find out they are great wizards and magic swords. Just because someone thinks these overused i will not stop writing with these tropes. If they don't like it, they can just pick up another book. And for everyone who thinks choosen ones are overused and cliche, there is another person who loves these kind of stories and will pick up the book because it is a choosen one story.
  15. I want to update my wordcount! username: MagicMagor words written: 730 is this your new total or the words to add? Words to add