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  1. Arc

    Government Systems.

    So part of why I started this was because I'm trying to figure it out for my own. My world is sort of a Late Middle Ages/Early Renaissance with technology, excepting gunpowder. So I at first had my main city as having a queen without fleshing that out, now I'm thinking it has a nobility based on the rich trade houses and merchant families. I *think* the queen is mostly there to run a NIght Watchman state, with the nobles doing everything else. But it got me to thinking, and I decided that this city is a city-state that is part of a confederation of independent city states. And I decided that even though High Fantasy tends to be sort of feudal, it might be fun to have each city-state with a different sort of government. I have run ran by a council of judges, one that is a pure junta, one sort of modeled off the Roman Republic etc.
  2. A large part of world building I feel, even if it never comes up in the story, is the way the various communities of people are governed. So I have a couple of questions for discussion. The first off is this. What system or systems of government does your world or worlds run off? How did you choose that system? Is it important to the story or just there? And here's a bit of a doozy. Do you think there are certain systems of government better suited to certain settings or conversely that won't work in certain settings?
  3. One of the things about writing any sort of fiction, and I feel like this especially true with many genres of fiction, is that there are sort of established conventions and tropes. Now I want to say right off I think that tropes and cliches are not bad things because they are well used for a reason. But even with that they can get a little bit predictable and stale. I've been playing a game called Horizon Zero Dawn which is sort of post-apocalyptic fantasy. Without getting too detailed its story is more or less your classic heroic journey to save the world, but with a really interesting sci-fi twist to it. For instance, instead of the Gods you instead have these ultra-advanced AIs who fill a similar role as uber powerful plot devices. So here's the question I have for all y'all. What is your favorite trope or convention and what do you think was your favorite way you've seen it adapted or reimagined?
  4. Honestly, and I will openly admit I have a tendency to do it too, I feel that most fantasy stories are too eurocentric. High fantasy is often modeled after Medieval Europe, steampunk is usually Victorian England and even many urban fantasy stories take place in western societies with a focus on Caucasian characters.
  5. Title: The Hunt Begins Word count:1182 Summary: The Rector of the Collegium of Silence gets an unpleasant surprise. Link to story:https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0XXQkmkPlVmRWxsSVZvVXZ5Nkk/view?usp=sharing
  6. In high fantasy at least there tends to be some ancient race or civilization that is gone but was still more advanced then the current civilizations.
  7. Am I the only person who actually likes Kylo Ren, and yes I agree about the nose lol.
  8. Oh no - burned by the extended universe again. Except, wait, Disney has abolished all non-film canon so I must be right....and...oh God....did I just try to win an argument by siding with Disney? PALATINE'S voice in my head: Your journey to the dark side is now complete. It's not like Disney didn't draw inspiration and concepts from the EU. I give you Thrawn.
  9. See, to me, Jyn Orso qualifies for this, but Rey is too over the top. Luke takes a whole film just to get to "Trust your feelings!" Rey jumps straight to force voice command with no training. No other character in the entire six films shows this level of completely intuitive and high level Force use. There actually is a character in Legends who completely untrained managed to use a mind trick on a stormtrooper, so it's not completely unprecedented. Also Rey is the first protagonist who actually heard of the Jedi before the movie started.
  10. Title: Calm Before the Storm WC: 1154 Other Info: This is essentially the first draft of the first chapter of my new work, so once the library is working I would lave reviews. Link: Linky
  11. I hate you all. That is all.
  12. Arc

    VIN for Planets - help

    Are you talking about alternative Earths or different planets all together? That would change the information needed. For instance, if they are all still Earth, then stuff like ocean-land ratio and number of continents won't change.