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Beta Reading Info

Rating Limit:  None
Content Limits:  None as long as it is written with a purpose that suits the story as a whole, and not simply to squick the reader out.
Genre(s):  Young adult, new adult, and adult (including erotica); fantasy, science fiction, dystopian
Word Count Limit:  At the moment I'm not ready to take on a full novel in one go, so we'll say 15,000 words or so for light feedback, 5,000 words for in-depth (line by line) feedback. But if you're looking for a writing buddy and I'll be reading the novel as you write it, I'm more flexible.
Incomplete Okay?  For novels yes; for short stories I'd prefer complete, but incomplete is not out of the question.


Check out my profile's Inspiration tab to see what stories I'm drawn to in various media, and that might help some with narrowing down this question. In a broader sense, I like stories with intricate worldbuilding you can get lost in, but where the author subtly layers in the worldbuilding details rather than smashing you over the head with them. I like diversity in stories, from skin color to gender identity and orientation to ability/disability etc. I read YA/NA a lot and I do tend to like stories where the characters have to grow up while facing stakes no youth should have to face.

My Feedback Style

I'm very flexible when it comes to feedback, and I'm really open to you telling me what level of feedback you're looking for. Blunt or gentle, thorough or more of a quick pass through, etc; it's all good for me. I will get frustrated if your work is positively littered with typos and grammar mistakes and little things that break traditional story writing conventions (such as mistakes in dialogue tags), and if I see the same mistake repeatedly I tend to correct it the first couple of times, then just leave a note that there's a lot of it, so it's something you should pay attention to when you revise, but that I plan to stop pointing it out.

I actually did a lot of critiques on Wattpad before joining the military, so if you're curious you can look through my book of reviews/critiques and see how my style varied. Find the link here. The book doesn't show my line-by-line critiques, so here's a link to those. (It looks like on the Spirited in the Mist one I never finished; the comments were for me on my initial read through, and then I would delete them as I went through and wrote more thorough comments in line with the text. It took me a while, skimming through it again, to remember why I kept just commenting "AT" and at one point "ATAT": "awkward turtle." Anyway you can see that my initial read through comments to myself are really informal lol.)


I really enjoy the concept of writing buddies: brainstorming together, reading each other's work as we go, and generally just supporting each other as we write. Please feel free to check out my writing in the library, and if you think we'd be compatible, get in contact with me and we can see if we'd make good writing buddies!

Additionally, something that has stuck with me for a long time is Orson Scott Card's concept of a "wise reader," which is someone who reads your work and just writes down their reactions as a reader. No grammar corrections, no in-depth analysis of characterization; just "this part confused me," "this part was actually really exciting," "holy crap what is (X character) going to do about (X problem)?!" etc. So if that sounds good to you -- either giving or receiving that sort of feedback -- let me know!

Good methods of contact: here, Discord (kherezae), and Tumblr (karriezai) mostly! If you're comfortable with it and a US citizen I can add you on Facebook and use Messenger. (Adding non US citizens is complicated because of my job.)