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  1. My main character discovers the bones of a very bad actor and hides them. He believes his father killed the villain without sanction but is afraid to ask. He tells no one.
  2. Glad you're tackling atypical romance. Do you draw on the treatment that inter-racial and LGBTQ people experience IRL, or is bigotry handled in a novel way in your fantasy world? Do you try to insert a social message in how you handle prejudice? If yes, it must be difficult to avoid being preachy on one hand and accepting of bigotry as normal on the other.
  3. I am eager to avoid writing something that will fall into this category, which has led to seemingly endless editing punctuated by long breaks of writing nothing at all.
  4. Well said, although I might replace "anyone" and with "most people." I know at least two people with no obvious imagination.
  5. Congratulations on this major milestone. Thanks to all of you who have worked so hard to provide Worldsmyths for the rest of us. Imagination is the light that fills up the dark and you give light a path.
  6. I'm curious why you want a pen name. I've seen that choice debated many times. It usually comes down to either controlling audience expectations (E.G.Amber only wirtes fantasy), or making a brand that is easy to remember, or trying to get to the front of the alphabetical que on bookshelves. I used a variation on my name when I shifted from nonfiction to fiction, but that had to do with my concern that my science fiction wouldn't come up in searches involving scientific writing.
  7. The group I'm in was started when the two organizers took an add in the local newspaper, reserved a room in the library, and launched a group that has lasted two decades. Good luck starting yours.
  8. Thanks so much for your presentation and for reading some of your work. You might be interested to know that only about a third of the people who attend The Write Stuff regularly are interested in publishing with commercial publishers or through indie sources like CreateSpace and Kindle Direct. Most just write for the love of it. For some there is something satisfying about completing a novel, having it edited, printing it and getting reactions to the story. I've used Amazon to do that once. I have another in the final editing stage, and one more in the crummy first draft stage. My first cyberpunk novel (the closest thing to fantasy that I write) is almost ready for final editing and that will be indie published too. I hope that the two fantasy writers in our group will end up on Worldsmyths.
  9. Thanks for the thoughtful feedback. That it goes a bit beyond my question only makes it more interesting, not off base. Your experience with gender stereotypes is exactly the reason I want this character to work. The world is full of people unaware of their cultural blinders until their behavior is reflected back to them. It seems a usefully literary experiment to tell a story through the thoughts of a character struggling to transcend his cultural training.
  10. Thanks for the thoughtful reply. My strategy is to have a guy MC who is trying to be a better man because the women in his life deserve more than he is capable of at the beginning. I don't like romance as a genre, but I do like thrillers and mysteries. While some quest is going on, the character's grow and change. I'll stay with this strategy a bit longer.
  11. Bad writing is always a good place to start. There is a lot of bad behavior IRL and I'd like my characters to work through some of the common conflicts. I'm not ready to give up yet, will edit more.
  12. Does anyone have a main character that your readers found so flawed that they couldn't warm up to the story? My MC is good-hearted, brave, chivalrous, and principled, but his chivalry begins as overprotective sexism, and his principles make him rigid and judgmental, at least at the beginning of the story. The idea was for the strong, capable, women in the story to slowly educate him so that at the climax he has a revelation. What happened is that my women beta readers hated him, began to question my personal liberal credentials for creating such an unaware jerk, and wouldn't read to the end. The problem could be bad writing on my part, or too much pc from the readers, or maybe this kind of journey is just a bad idea. BTW this character was written in a different genre, mystery with a romance theme. Would fantasy readers accept such a character?
  13. Reached 29,000 yesterday, but lots of stuff getting in the way of a finish. I received the proof copies of my second mystery and cleaning up that book may have to take priority to my Nanowrimo project, which is book three in the series. I'm healthy, but a couple of family members I'm keeping an eye on are not well and the worry and a few errands are interfering with my focus. Sorry about the health problems of the other members. I used to think that writing was the one thing I could when sick, but then I found out I was wrong. Hope everyone is on the mend. Sorry I've been off the forum most of this year. Computer problems and no time to deal with them kept me away, but it's nice to be back.
  14. Hi back at you. I feel like one of my characters after being lost and finally wandering back to Worldsmyths. I appreciate the comments about nanowrimo. It is a great way to get a story started, but the process is painful. I'm at 27,000 words and sick of writing in a linear way. I'll bail out on the word count totals, go back to the start, straighten the plot and move on. Probably won't make 50k words this time but at least book 3 is plotted (sort of). The book you and I discussed is days away from release but I've been too busy with nanowrimo to react to some detailed editing I just got from a friend.
  15. I have had good experiences with emerging authors (2-20 books, no blockbusters) who have become friends and mentors. I sometimes get to meet them at regional writer's conferences and follow their blogs. I try to buy a few books (often kindle editions if I'm unwilling to risk too much money) and if I like them I let the author's know and post reviews on Amazon. It is amazing how generous some writers are with their time and advice. Conferences are also a good place to connect with super fans who might look at your stuff. I didn't start going to these events and groups to find mentors, but that was the end result. Maybe this would work for you?