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  1. I finally got around to redrawing my map (like I wanted to do two years ago :P) This map is for an absolutely massive project I'm working on with some co-authors of 12 years. There's just something so satisfying about drawing maps from scratch. I really need to get into doing it more so I can learn more about composition and colors... and how to not make them look like a jumbled mess of letters.... And how geography actually functions... Yeah, lot's to learn still!
  2. Yay! I'm already getting excited for this challenge. This year, I'm going to be able to do it! As far as the "prizes" (really just bonus gifts for writing hard as there's no "winner") I'll be offering this year, they will definitely be available outside the U.S. I feel like it's really important that everyone be eligible for them. I've been talking with Jedi about it, and once the rules are all hashed out, I'll come up with the official list of things to offer this year!
  3. Ooofff, what would hurt most there is the knowledge that if you support your own father, you could end up with the death of your friend's. Just thinking about having to make a choice that big hurts my soul a little! I can't even imagine getting into that sort of situation. My book is still very young, so so far the hard choice is for Alma to decide to rely on Aevum. She doesn't trust his morals (his moral compass allows him to do "bad" things in the name of "good"), but he may have the only kind of magic which can help her.
  4. I'm back, and I'm alive!! I sent out all the stuffs this morning. If you did not recieve an PM from me, but participated (and I'm counting those to even took the effort to just sign up!) You wrote up to 29,999 words! I commend all who even made the pledge. The reason I wanted to sponsor was to promote and encourage writing. It's so important! So, all participants, let me remind you, you also got a small token of appreciation. I know 10% off any editing service isn't the best prize, but I hope some can use it, and for the rest please accept my congratulations and sincerest support. All participant claim code: PWididit In the event there is a second annual Millions Challenge, let me know what you guys would like offered next year, things you can actually use, and I'll (hopefully be allowed to) sponsor again!
  5. Hi all. Boy has it been a long time since I've been able to wander over here. I just wanted to pop by and assure you all, Paperweight Editorial is still providing the sponsored prizes for the Million Challenge! I'm so sorry it's taken so long, but some serious medical issues came up. I just wanted to let you know to keep your eyes out for updates and PMs from me in the near future. Cheers!
  6. Haha, yes. The robot thing would be the Dalek. But no, I can actually tell it's Peter Pan. Once my brain organized the shapes properly and combined it with the clock tower. It's a really nice painting regardless :)
  7. Hehe, well, I may have guessed Dr. Who at first. But that's because at first glance, I thought there was a Dalek, and my brain will not unsee that. Silly brain o' mine!
  8. Well, to be fair, English probably wouldn't be associated with the fantasy world either :) Yet, when we learn other languages in our world, we have parallels for our own swear words. For instance, we translate a word in French into our "f" word. Same for any language. We just pick the closest related one for translation. To me, using standard language does not break immersion because I already have to assume "translated text". Sometimes I also let "god" slide since in English it's not just used to refer to a single diety, but "gods" are any diety. Just my thoughts :)
  9. Tyrannohotep[/member] Looks great! And it gets bonus points for including marine reptiles!
  10. Thanks Manu[/member] !
  11. Haha, never say can't :) This demonstrates you have the potential to paint quite well, even if you insist you don't currently have a skill. Art is more often than not a learned skill (and I almost don't believe in talent). It looks very nice!
  12. I've seen this done before, but usually only in children's books. (I don't know what age range you're writing for). While it has worked, It's always through the "old grandma telling story to kids" trope. Distinctly... shall we say Disney. For a teen/adult book, I would love to see the concept in place (haven't yet) but I think it would have to be much more serious. It sounds like a very cool idea, and would be a very interesting sort of prologue! On a side note, I've also seen this sort of information handled as pre-chapter quotes.
  13. Pretty much what Penguinball[/member] says seems to be part of the case. I tend to keep my nose out of the publishing industry because my main clients are self-publishers. As far as self-publishers go, the length can be anything. Many try to follow the "rules" (often somewhat blindly) laid out by traditional publishers but others go out with every intent to break the rules and break them hard. A problem does come in when very long, very unedited books hit the ebook market and after just a couple like that most readers are scared stiff of risking another. That can cause an actual problem on the reader/marketing end for longer books, even though self-publishers have the easy freedom of making them. And in order to maintain a separate, easily popular book, traditional publishers seem to be taking fewer risks. Think of it like the music industry: the cost of producing a song is so high that few risks will be taken on talent which is outside the "sellable". Same for a book. Publishers know easy, short books will likely sell, espeicially if they have "currently popular" content. I hear rumors this sort of attitude is even causing problems for some agents, who are tired of the same old, same old, and are looking for new content to pitch. But, like I said, I don't have much experience in here, so just stuff I hear as well... And yet, somehow, book packaging really interests me...
  14. Haha, as an editor.... yes. Sadly, I don't have to imagine it. It was a loooonnnnggg project, and one of the rare cases I thought more than 50% of it was cuttable material!