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  1. I'm going to be rewriting the chapter, though, and it's pretty likely that I'll be changing the first few lines...and if not all of them, then most likely the ones about the 'voice' in her head, so that's most likely a place holder. I think the "just keep running" dialogue is a good opening hook, but not sure about the rest of it.
  2. Add me as another "description!" Answer. I can visualize the way I want something to happen in my head, but actually getting it into words that make sense and works? That's the hard part. I'll also add myself in to "motivation." Another for me is world building. I don't want to have "world builder's disease," but I do wish I was better at world building than I am. It seems to come easily to a lot of other people, but for me? I usually end up figuring out the super basics and that's probably as far as I get. And on one hand, most of the world building that I should be doing will probably never end up in the book(s) I'm world building for, and it's most likely just for my own knowledge. But on the other hand, there are definitely basic things that I should know and just don't, or only have vague ideas about. I also wish I was better at character development. Some characters will come to me and I'll have a pretty clear picture of who they are, but then there are others (*cough* I'm looking at you, Alana) who are basically a blank slate and I don't have a good grasp on. Okay, I chose more than one 😛 How about one that combines all of those things together? XD
  3. I'm going to steal @Penguinball's answer - I've been told that I'm good at dropping in world building details without turning it into too much of a massive info dump. I try to only give details about such things when it's important, and structurally I try to do it between bits of dialogue.
  4. I disagree. Not everyone lives within a 5-10 minute walk to school, especially in the country. I didn't when I was growing up. It would have taken me forever to walk to school, and my parents never would have let me even if I'd wanted to. The street I grew up on is on a dead end and the main street that it's off of is terrible to walk on because people drive so fast on it and don't stop at the stop signs. I wasn't allowed to walk on it unless I had a friend with me. I don't think it's coddling them if you're genuinely concerned about their safety and they are too young to be walking to and from school by themselves. It's not like the old days when kids could walk a mile to and from school without their parents having to worry. It's not that they're being coddled, necessarily, it's that things have changed. Kidnappings, for example, occur more often. And like I said, if it takes too long to walk/ride a bike to school for it to make sense and they can't drive yet, then they should either 1. take the bus or 2. be dropped off by their parents. (I will say this: my stepbrothers live near the schools in my town. It's probably a 10 minute walk to the middle school and maybe 15-20 minutes to the high school. My youngest stepbrother, who is fourteen, currently takes his bike to school or walks. He's been doing so for the last few years, probably since he was ten (but his brother was also walking with him then, too). My other stepbrother gets picked up by a bus because he goes to a tech school, so he doesn't go directly to the high school. He walks home in the afternoons after the bus drops him off at the high school (the tech school is not in my town, it's a twenty minute drive), but 8/10 times he'll text someone to ask them for a ride home, even though he could take the same bus and get dropped off and he just chooses not to because it takes longer to get home. I've had to give him a ride home quite a few times. In his case it just comes down to laziness, but whatever.) I do absolutely agree that there are parents who coddle their children and make it hard for those children to gain independence (I mean...I love my parents, but I have definitely lived a pretty coddled and sheltered life. It took me a long time before I finally gained the independence I needed, and I'm still not 100% there), but I think it really just depends on the circumstances. And like I said, safety is the biggest issue. There's a difference between coddling your children because you're legitimately coddling them and treating them like they're five when they're actually fifteen VS setting boundaries due to certain circumstances.
  5. **NEW CLUB!** 2019 Novel Writing Club The 2019 Novel Writing Club is a club on Worldsmyths for those who are starting or continuing novels as of June 1st to come together and motivate each other so that we can write and suffer together! This group is informal, there are no word or check in requirements. It's a space to support each other, brainstorm ideas, and to generally be a community of novel writers. Have you checked out the Worldsmyths clubs yet? You can find a whole list of them here! We have clubs ranging from fandom specific to writing focused to hobbies (crafts, photography)! If you have an idea for a club that doesn't currently exist and want to see if there's any kind of interest in it, you can post here!
  6. Jedi Knight Muse: Project - Court of Shadows (NaNo 2018 continuation/rewrite) Goals - Finish editing the first draft. Give first draft to more readers for alpha reading. Start working on the second draft (rewriting/editing) - also do what @Sheepy-Pie is doing and make a list of the scenes I'm keeping and the scenes/chapters that I need to rewrite and what to replace them with. Tentative long-term goal: start planning the prequel novel in preparation for NaNo 2019. Probably won't do this until some time in the fall, but it largely depends on where I am with the second draft of Court of Shadows at that point. Summary - (This is my crappy summary I wrote for NaNo. The parts in bold are what don't apply plot-wise any more, so you can ignore them.) Alana is desperate to save her sick older brother, at any cost. When she finds herself in the realm of the fairies, she is faced with a choice that will change both their lives. She finds herself tasked with journeying far away to the land of Marzanna, where she will learn how to use her untamed magic and find herself protecting ancient artifacts from a dark queen. Harrow is a former guardian to the royal family of a kingdom that no longer exists. Hardened by the attack that destroyed his family and forced into life as a wanderer, he finds himself once more in the position of protector as he follows Alana on her journey to Marzanna. Derric is a diplomat, assigned to follow Alana on her journey to Marzanna - or so he's allowed them to believe. In reality, he is a spy working for the dark fairy queen Aysel. He finds himself journeying with Alana, the human with untamed magic, and Harrow, the guardian searching for a place in life and discovers that the longer he spends time with him, the more he remembers traces of a former life he once had and was stolen from him as the true prince and rightful ruler of the Autumn Fairy Court. Together, they will journey to discover unknown parts of themselves while fighting to protect an ancient magic from those who would seek to use it for evil.
  7. We've all faced it at one time or another: you start second guessing a specific plot idea you have, or a specific thing you want do with a character. Or you start second guessing your novel overall. You're like "why am I doing this? Does this even make sense? This doesn't make sense any more!" And then you start doubting whether or not you can do whatever you need to do next with it, whether it's edit or rewrite or whatever. Doesn't matter if it's for a novel or a short story, we all face it at some point! I am currently facing this a little bit with Court of Shadows. I was attempting to edit what I have printed out of the first draft the other night, and I was reading it and trying to edit, but I wasn't even really editing, it was more like making notes here and there, but nothing super substantial at the moment. And then I started thinking about some things that my alpha reader @Ahryantah suggested for the next draft, and I started to second guess some of those things. Now, I'm not saying that I'm not going to follow my alpha reader's suggestion - I do think she's right, that it would work better if Alana spends more time at the palace and build up to the actual journey where she goes with Ivar to find allies and all that. But that's where the doubt is coming in, because I don't have instant ideas for what to have happen while she's at the palace during the first half of the book, so my brain lets the doubt start to get in the way. On the other hand, I haven't given myself the chance to really start brainstorming things yet, so, again, the doubt/second guessing is getting in the way. The other night, I thought..."wait! The trio is supposed to be building their friendship up during this journey that's in this current draft. How is that going to happen if I take that initial journey out?" And I mean, I know it's possible to come up with ways for them to still build up their friendship, but that's why I was second guessing it, is because I don't have any ideas for those things at the moment, and I was starting to doubt a bit whether or not I was better off. That, added onto the fact that I basically really don't know much about Alana as a character at the moment (who she is, her magic, etc) because she's pretty much a blank slate, are two things that are not helping me. I'm trying to work past it and not let it discourage me, especially since part of it could also be due to overthinking things, which I tend to do a lot with my writing. So I thought that this, in general, might make for a good discussion topic: what do you do when you're starting to second guess your current project and doubt certain things about it? What do you do to push past it and say "okay, this isn't that big of a deal. I can figure this out, and I can come up with something that works!" Do you brainstorm with just yourself? With others? Do you look for inspiration? Do you take a step back from the project for a while until you can come back to it with a fresher point of view? Do you try to free-write so that you can figure things out by writing, rather than brainstorming/just taking random notes?
  8. Put it under a spoiler with a trigger warning (i.e. rape, murder, etc). Then you can answer 😛
  9. What is the most dangerous situation your main character(s) has/have been in?
  10. I think they're already doing that, at least in my town's school system. 😐 I think they got rid of...I think it was home economics that they got rid of or something. It might still exist, but probably not to the same extent it did when I was in school (god that makes me sound old). And I'm pretty sure they've pretty much gotten rid of the drama group at my high school, which makes me sad because being part of that group helped me come out of my shell in a lot of ways. I don't think it's necessarily because of STEM that they've cut those things, though, it's more like...lack of funding/teachers who are willing to be in charge. 😞 The teacher who directed the group when I was there retired several years ago and I don't think anyone really took his place. One of the great things about him was that he treated students like adults without crossing the line while doing so.
  11. He said he thinks they should be sent to college as soon as they hit puberty, though. They hit it as young as nine or ten years old and as old as thirteen or fourteen (I haven't googled the exact age range, but I'm guessing based on the fact that I do know that kids sometimes get it really early), so he still would be talking about early teens rather than late teens. What would "late teens" mean in this case, though? "Late teens" is more like 17-19 years old, and there are already high school kids who are 17-18 years old who, like I said, are able to take college classes for credit before they graduate. I thought of another thing to add to my list: you can't get a credit card at the age you're talking about, and you probably can't get an ATM card until you're at least 15-17 years old, though I suppose it depends on the bank. I want to say I was probably around 18 when I got mine. I was definitely in my early twenties when I got my first credit card, though. Let's see...when I was in school, our grades were: Kindergarten-3rd grade was elementary 4th and 5th grade was in our middle school 6th-8th grade was junior high 9th-12th grade was high school They've made a lot of changes since I was in school, though, and they built a new elementary school and the elementary school that I went to is like...middle school? I don't even know, because even I get confused. My stepbrothers are in 8th and 10th grade (although the older of my stepbrothers should actually be in 11th grade. He was kept back because his grade level was lower than what it should have been due to his father making him go to a Catholic school when he was younger). I can guarantee you that the youngest of my stepbrothers would NOT be ready for college at his current age. He's only just sloooowly starting to become more mature and take school a little more seriously. The first half of this school year, he was getting in trouble a lot and his grades were suffering because he was spending 98% of his time playing video games. Now he still spends 98% of his time playing video games but he's keeping his grades up and not getting into trouble like he was in the beginning of the year. He made the honor roll, and he's going to the same tech school my other stepbrother is next year. Tech school will be good for him because it's a mix of the typical classroom environment where you sit and listen to a teacher and take notes and hands on work, and he does better with hands on work. If anything, I think school should be more like that. Less forcing students to sit in a classroom taking notes and listening to a teacher give a lecture and more hands on activities (without relying 100% on group projects for "hands on" stuff, especially at the college level when not everyone has the same schedule). It would be good for those students like my stepbrother who get too fidgety and bored by sitting in a classroom having to take notes all the time. And I mean, there are classes at his school where it is more hands on, but not to the same extent as it is at the tech school he'll be at next year. Basically you rotate through and do a few weeks of classroom stuff and then do workshops for another few weeks.