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  1. I wrote words! words to add: 931 words (written on the 25th)
  2. Jedi Knight Muse

    Hi guys!

    Hi and welcome to the forum! Ooh, your dragon-based world sounds cool. 😄 Yay, I'm glad you have time to join now! 😄 I hope you'll enjoy it here. You should totally check out the word count challenge we're doing - it's a six month long challenge, but we're doing sign ups for each individual month so that if you didn't get to participate in the previous month you'll still be able to participate. We're also allowing participants to count any words written for both sessions of Camp NaNo. This post has more info. Let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to join us on Discord if you'd like!
  3. Jedi Knight Muse

    Hi Everyone!

    Hi and welcome to the forum, @victoriabelle! I love Gilmore Girls! I didn't get into it until it was in reruns on what was previously known as ABC Family and then Freeform, but I've seen all of the seasons multiple times (except for the four season one, I've only seen that one once). Glad you found us! Let us know if you have any questions. I saw that you're joining in on the word count challenge (yay!) - our current monthly writing challenge for March is here, if you're interested in submitting anything. 🙂 You can either write something brand new or if you have something written that fits the prompt you can submit that.
  4. Jedi Knight Muse

    Hello All

    Hi and welcome to the forum! This is such an awesome story! I don't blame your mom for decking the teacher in the face, good for her! Your story and world sound awesome, too! Definitely seems like it's up my alley. 😄 Ooh, I'm glad the tweets have helped to lure someone here! 😄 Let us know if you have any questions or anything!
  5. Do you mean 50 or 55k? 55k wasn't technically an option (which I just noticed- I did it in increments of 5 but I somehow managed to skip 55k...55k isn't usually a number that people choose for goals in these kinds of things, I don't think, so I think I just defaulted to 50k in my brain. I'm happy to add 55k to the list, just let me know if you definitely want 50 or 55k as your goal. XD Added everyone who's replied so far.
  6. The sign ups for the month of April for the word count challenge has been posted! You have until Saturday, April 6th by 11:59 PM GMT-4 to sign up for the challenge. In order to sign up and pledge a word count, you will need to: 1. Have a registered account on the forum 2. Join the Club for the challenge 3. Reply to this post with the word count pledge you would like to make for the month of March. For more information about the challenge itself, such as FAQs, you can go here. WorldAnvil and Paperweight Editorial are both sponsoring the challenge this year! For more information on the sponsorships, you can go here. If you have any questions about the challenge or anything else, you can send a PM to @Jedi Knight Muse!
  7. Jedi Knight Muse

    Quitting a book

    It really depends on the book for me. For example, @Sheepy-Pie recommended The Magician's Guild to me. It's totally right up my alley. I got it for Christmas, I started reading it...I don't even think I got half way through it before I gave up. My friend got me Deep Blue for Christmas this past year, and I'm...I think more than halfway through reading the book, but I just haven't felt like reading it. It's young adult, and I enjoy young adult fantasy books (usually), but this is a little TOO young adult. I don't even like the main character, and I found myself rolling my eyes a LOT. At this point, though, I'm so close to being done that I really just want to power through it and finish....and then never think about it again. I feel a bit guilty, though, because she also bought me the second book. I have tried a few times to start reading A Game of Thrones, but I haven't been able to get very far so far. I think part of it is because I've been watching seasons one through seven of the show so even though there's a lot of things they left out of the show and that they changed, I basically already know what happens so it's harder to get into.
  8. 20 Worldsmyths Community Writing Challenge Round Two: April Sign Ups March 23rd - April 6th The next round of sign ups for the challenge is here already! This will work the same exact why as it did for March. You'll have until April 6th by 11:59 PM GMT-4 to sign up for the month of April. (The word count check ins for March are still going, but we're giving everyone two weeks to sign up each time the next month is approaching.) If you miss the deadline for April, you will be able to sign up for May on April 20th. This post is specifically just for choosing and pledging a word count that you want to aim for during the month of March. In order to sign up, you must reply to this post with the word count goal you would like to pledge for March. In order to keep the thread clean, please leave all discussion out of this post. If you have any questions, you can use this post to do so. If you miss the deadline for signing up by a day or two, we will probably make an exception, but otherwise you'll have to wait until the May sign up is posted. When choosing your goal, remember that you are not aiming to write it within the six months as a whole, you are aiming to write it within a single month. Remember, you do not have to choose the same word count as the previous month. If you surpassed your goal or didn't come anywhere close to it, you are welcome to aim for a higher/lower goal for the month of April. You'll keep writing toward your word count goal for March until March 31st at midnight in your time zone. If you have not been checking into the check in post for March with your word counts, please make sure you do so! The check in post is here. 5k @victoriabelle 10k @EliBrightwood @Romancegirl @EdelBeeRocker 15k @Penguinball @Mynoris 20K @Jedi Knight Muse @RKM @Elena 25k @TwistedRiver 30k -Name here- 35k -Name here- 40k -Name here- 45k -Name here- 50k @Emskie-Wings @DaVinci 60k -Name here- 65k -Name here- 70k -Name here- 75K -Name here- 80k -Name here- 85k -Name here- 90k -Name here- 95k -Name here- 100k -Name here- 125k -Name here- 150k -Name here- 175k -Name here- 200k -Name here- Tagging: @Penguinball, @Manu, @JayLee, @Mynoris, @Pinchofmagic, @taintedhero, @C_M_Clark, @RKM, @LShelby, @Amblygon, @Romancegirl, @Titania, @XanthussMarduk, @Autumn, @Crysania, @bdcharles, @Jessitiz, @Sheepy-Pie, @DaVinci, @Tigtogiba34, @nikipinz, @fenn, @airrica, @Anthony Lockwood, @Dreamcatcher, @electric, @TricksterShi, @Elena, @Emskie-Wings, @Fluffypoodel
  9. This post is for those if you have something with your health or real life or whatever come up that you know will make it hard for you to write for some time. Please respond to this post and let us know. You don't have to give details on the reason or how long you think you'll be gone. Remember, we have sign ups starting two weeks before the first Saturday of each month (i.e. the sign ups for April will be posted on March 23rd, giving until April 6th to sign up for April), so if you want to participate in the challenge for April, you'll be able to do so as long as you sign up by April 6th), so if you know right now you won't be able to finish the month of March but you think you'll be able to write in April, you'll still be welcome to sign up for April before the deadline. If you are coming back from a leave of absence during the challenge, please reply to this post and let us know that you are back.
  10. Jedi Knight Muse

    Hi, everyone!

    Yeees, me too! We do have a Game of Thrones club on the forum but it's not particularly active. XD Mostly due to the fact that I only created it not that long ago (and we haven't been on this software for that long), and I think the hype for the show has pretty much died down at this point. It's going to come and be over so quick! I feel like season seven just ended. That'd be me! 😄 Welcome to the forum! Let us know if you have any questions or anything. We currently have a six month word count challenge going on. The sign ups for the month of April will be posted tonight/tomorrow so you'll be able to sign up then, but this explains everything you need to know about the challenge otherwise.
  11. Jedi Knight Muse

    Favorite Whedon Characters

    Buffy: Buffy and Willow Seconds are Giles and Angel Firefly: pretty much in this order... Mal, Kaylee, Inara, Simon, Zoe, Wash, Book, River, Jayne I reaally don't like Jayne, but I think if he'd gotten a chance to be developed more on the show I might like him more than I do (although I do love the Hero of Canton song). I haven't seen Dollhouse and I only watched a short bit of Dr. Horrible and I don't really remember much of it.