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  1. Updated! I had to resize your image so that it would actually fit in our affiliate space but it's all set!
  2. Welcome to the forum @Fisch! Let us know if you have any questions or anything. 🙂
  3. THIRD grade?! No wonder you have a phobia of it. That's waaay too early for that movie...did they actually let you watch the sex scene?! Anyway...yay more Buffy fans! Also more Graceling fans! ❤️ Your story with Mar sounds awesome! 😄 and I agree with Penguin, you should totally join in on NaNo this year! Let us know if you have any questions about the site or anything!
  4. Eeee, another Whedon fan! ❤️ I love Buffy. I still need to watch the Angel spin-off all the way through (it was on Netflix but they took it down before I even finished the first season). I LOVE FIREFLY! I actually just ordered some Firefly car/laptop decals from Amazon and they'll be here tomorrow, haha. XD We have quite a few fans of Buffy/Firefly/Ange on here! Also Game of Thrones. Your idea from last November sounds pretty fun! Looking forward to getting to know you! 🙂 If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.
  5. Welcome, @matcha! Glad that Google led you to us! 🙂 Let us know if you have any questions about anything, and feel free to join us in Discord if you're up for some chatting!
  6. Welcome to the forum! Yay for more Star Wars fans! 😄 Your book sounds pretty cool, and Gavriil sounds like such a fun character to write! Let us know if you have any questions or anything about the forum/Discord!
  7. I mean, if I were going to take a random guess, I'd say Lilith from Supernatural? XD Your projects sound pretty cool! XD Welcome to the forum!
  8. I added you back! Yeah, I hope they keep fixing things sooner rather than later. My profile still says I've only participated once...I haven't looked lately to see if there are any feedback threads regarding that issue, though. My projects are also a mess. I don't know if it would be worth it to try and fix it manually or not, 'cause maybe it'll reset itself once they do the relaunch that's rumored to be happening next week? Ooor maybe it's something I should ask them about. We'll see.
  9. I'm being a rebel and voted for my obvious choice 😛
  10. Welcome to the forum/Discord server! Between Beauty and the Beast (MY favorite Disney movie), Star Wars, Labyrinth, and The Dark Crystal, you're definitely in good company! I hope that we can provide the sense of community that you're looking for and help encourage you. It sounds like you have quite the story building up in your head!
  11. This post is for those participants who participated throughout the entire six months and passed their goals for those individual months. @airrica 20,361/20,000 words in July @Anthony Lockwood 10,51/10,000 words in April 5,140/5,000 words in May @CrabbyMaiden 242,435/10,000 words in March @Elena 16,733/15,000 words in March 21,847/20,000 words in April 23,126/15,000 words in May 16,042/15,000 words in June @Emskie-Wings 34,334/30,000 words in March 50,613/50,000 words in April 36,075/35,000 words in May 37,261/30,000 words in June 53,472/45,000 words in July 66,504/60,000 words in August @Jedi Knight Muse 21,453/7,000 words in August @lorneytunes 25,265/25,000 words in March 25,117/25,000 words in May 28,430/25,000 words in June 25,189/25,000 words in July @Mynoris 15,855/15,000 words in March 78,965/15000 words in June @Penguinball 16,981/15,000 words in March 5,000/5,000 words in May @Pinchofmagic 43,362/40,000 in April @roadmagician 10,000/5,000 words in March 12,152/10,000 words in June @Romancegirl 9,979/5,000 words in March @Sheepy-Pie 16,994/15,000 words in March @Storycollector 11,727/10,000 words in March @Tangwystle 122,232/65,000 words in April @tllbrinkley 27,500/25000 words in March @TricksterShi 22,000/20,000 words in July 7,165/5,000 words in August @Sam 37,889/25,000 words in June 57,358/45,000 words in July 52,458/40,000 in August I think/hope I did this right! The information for prizes from Paperweight Editorial ( @JayLee ) can be found here. You can see the spreadsheet for the challenge here. If you think you should be on the list, please send me a PM. This was based on those who reached their goals that they signed up for during the challenge. It's possible that I missed someone!
  12. Thank you to everyone that participated in our challenge this year! The following numbers are based on the TOTALS everyone reached throughout each month, including those who only checked in once or twice throughout the six months. I will be making a separate post for the participants who reached their individual goals each month, since that's what the prizes from Paperweight Editorial ( @JayLee ) are based on (I believe). If you signed up to participate in a month during the challenge but did not check in with any word counts, you were not included on this list. @airrica: 102,596 words @Anthony Lockwood: 23,644 words @C_M_Clark: 3,611 words @CrabbyMaiden: 242,435 words @dahj_the_bison: 15,000 words @DaVinci: 199,861 words @dragonhavn: 16,928 words @EdelBeeRocker: 11,815 words @Elena: 93,996 words @EliBrightwood: 17,100 words @Emskie-Wings: 278,259 words @fenn: 15,603 words @Fluffypoodel: 13,456 words @jdvollans: 50,221 words @Jedi Knight Muse: 74,599 words @lorneytunes: 126,159 words @Mynoris: 115,078 words @Penguinball: 35,369 words @Pinchofmagic: 96,372 words @RKM: 9,767 words @roadmagician: 12,901 words @Rohierim: 51,729 words @Sheepy-Pie: 24,581 words @Storycollector: 13,890 words @taintedhero: 1,055 words @Tangwystle: 170,294 words @tllbrinkley: 27,500 words @TricksterShi: 105,421 words @Tigtogiba34: 31,777 words @TwistedRiver: 300 words @Storycollector: 25,617 words @Sam: 147,705 words @M.N. Lanthier: 15,983 words @ZillieR00: 15,008 words Together we wrote 223,904 words in August! Togethe, we wrote 3,798,319 words total from March 1st to August 31st On average, we wrote 20,643 words per day from March 1st to August 31st
  13. Bump - we'd greatly appreciate it if we could get some feedback on the challenge!
  14. Welcome, @DarkestFears! I saw that you were in the Discord server earlier but didn't get the chance to welcome you, so welcome and feel free to rejoin any time! Let us know if you have any questions about the forum or anything. We're starting to get into NaNo prep mode, we have a monthly writing challenge going, and we have some fun discussions going around. We don't have a necroposting rule, so if you see an older topic that you find interesting (and hasn't been archived), feel free to either respond to it or start a new topic about it!
  15. You can thank Arc for that one, it was on a website that I linked him to XD and I actually thought of you when I saw that one 'cause I knew it was up your alley. 😄