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  1. You have the date as the 19th but today's the 21st. Just wanted to double check what date this is for 'cause you already gave a word count for the 19th.
  2. Worldsmyths Community Writing Challenge Round Six: August Sign Ups July 20th - August 3rd The next round of sign ups for the challenge is here already! This will work the same exact why as it did for previous months. You'll have until August 3rd by 11:59 PM GMT-4 to sign up for the month of August. (The word count check ins for May are still going, but we're giving everyone two weeks to sign up each time the next month is approaching.) Please remember, in order to have your word check-ins counted for August, you must have signed up by responding to this post! This is the last month to participate in the challenge until next year! This post is specifically just for choosing and pledging a word count that you want to aim for during the month of August. In order to sign up, you must reply to this post with the word count goal you would like to pledge for August. In order to keep the thread clean, please leave all discussion out of this post. If you have any questions, you can use this post to ask them. If you miss the deadline for signing up by a few days, we will make an exception and allow you to sign up. If you need a refresher of the FAQs and rules, head here. When choosing your goal, remember that you are not aiming to write it within the six months as a whole, you are aiming to write it within a single month. Remember, you do not have to choose the same word count as the previous month. If you surpassed your goal or didn't come anywhere close to it, you are welcome to aim for a higher/lower goal for the month of August. You'll keep writing toward your word count goal for July until July 31st at midnight in your time zone. Remember that the following things count toward your word count: Story writing (novels/short stories) Fan Fiction Brainstorming (world building, character building, etc) Editing If you have not been checking into the check in post for July with your word counts, please make sure you do so! The check in post is here. 5k @TwistedRiver 7k @Trekkie 10k -Name here- 15k @Elena 20k -Name here- 25k @dahj_the_bison 30k -Name here- 35k -Name here- 40k -Name here- 45k -Name here- 50k -Name here- 60k 65k -Name here- 70k -Name here- 75K -Name here- 80k -Name here- 85k -Name here- 90k -Name here- 95k -Name here- 100k -Name here- 125k -Name here- 150k -Name here- 175k -Name here- 200k -Name here- Tagging: @Penguinball, @Mynoris, @Pinchofmagic, @taintedhero, @C_M_Clark, @RKM, @LShelby, @Amblygon, @Arc, @Titania, @XanthussMarduk, @Autumn, @Crysania, @bdcharles, @Jessitiz, @Sheepy-Pie, @DaVinci, @nikipinz, @fenn, @airrica, @Anthony Lockwood, @Dreamcatcher, @electric, @TricksterShi, @Elena, @Emskie-Wings, @Fluffypoodel, @EdelBeeRocker, @lorneytunes, @EliBrightwood, @M.N. Lanthier, @Pinchofmagic, @PurpleChocolate, @Storycollector, @Tangwystle, @Trekkie, @TricksterShi, @TwistedRiver, @roadmagician, @CrabbyMaiden, @Krimson Ravyn, @mathgnome, @RKM, @tllbrinkley, @Dizzy72, @ZillieR00, @A Blue Gorilla, @Misades, @Rohierim, @Sam, @dragonhavn, @airrica, @jdvollans
  3. I don't have different worlds. Everything takes place in the same world, but my two main novel projects take place at different points in time and in different parts of the world, but not SO far apart in time that they're thousands of years apart or anything. I plan on connecting them together somehow, though, even if it's just like...through two characters being related to each other or something. I think that's an idea I've been playing with, although I haven't worked on the details for it yet.
  4. The dragons don't play a huuuuge part until towards the end of the first book, but they're definitely there. 😄 We're actually holding a word count challenge that's like a six month version of NaNo. The last month of it is in August, so be on the look out for the emails/announcements about sign ups and maybe you can try it out XD. It's basically like NaNo, except you get to choose what to pledge for instead of HAVING to write 50k.
  5. Updated! @A Blue Gorilla, @lorneytunes, @Misades, @Rohierim, @jdvollans just a reminder to get your word counts in!
  6. Hi and welcome to the forum, @chilleenoir39! That's exciting that you're working on getting your book published! I'm currently working on editing/rewriting the first draft of my NaNoWriMo 2018 project. It has fairies, dragons and lots and lots of magic. XD Let us know if you have any questions about the forum! We have a few writing challenges going on, and there's a fair amount of discussions you're free to join in on as well. We don't have a necroposting rule so if you see a discussion that hasn't gotten a response in a while, feel free to reply!
  7. I wrote words! Today's date: July 15th Words to add: [696] words New total: [6,413] words
  8. When the story is over, what will have changed the most about the world around the characters? What will have changed most about the characters themselves? (If you don't know the ending, use the furthest point you know about.) This is something I have to actually think about a bit. I'm not sure how the world will really have changed by the end of it. For characters: Ivar - Ivar will have gone through physical and emotional changes. Due to the spell that was put on him, he no longer looks the same way as he did before the spell was put on him. Harrow - I have to think about Harrow a bit, because I haven't really thought too much about him. He goes from being stoic and keeping everything close to the vest to being more open and slowly learning to trust people. He's forced to figure out where he belongs in the world. Alana - Alana...is the toughest of them. Alana I still have to figure out. She definitely grows as far as her magic is concerned, but I'm not sure what extent it'll be to at the moment. Kassel.- okay, I lied. I don't really know anything about Kassel, and I know SOME things about Alana, so Kassel is really the toughest to figure out.
  9. Assuming we're talking about the same thing, that's because that person wasn't doing it correctly. They were continuing their word count from the previous month, and I had to tell them that they needed to "reset" their word count from the previous month for their June total. They weren't resetting their total from the entire challenge so far. Again, this is assuming we're talking about the same response, but I can't think of anything else offhand that might have led you to think that. Anyway, I've updated the excel sheet.
  10. I don't really know why I started writing. I was a kid, I just wanted to write. I had this crazy, vivid imagination and just wanted to get the stories out, and the writing bug never left me. As far as what keeps me writing now...I mean, I've come SO far as a writer. It took a LONG time, but I finally have the discipline to stick to one draft long enough to not only finish it but get to the point of edits/rewrites, and that's huge! Most people my age who've been writing for as long as I have probably have at least a few finished drafts, and maybe even published books, under their belts, but I apparently do things at a sloooow pace. I'm really happy with how far I've come with my writing, and that's a huge motivator. I know I can get it to the point of being publish ready, and even if it takes a few more years for that to happen, it'll be worth it. As far as staying motivated...honestly, this community is a huge motivator. I come online every day, I look at the forum, I look at Discord, I chat in Discord...I see people doing word wars, talking about their writing, asking questions, etc. I say something like "I should be writing" and someone says "so write!" It's the little things like that that help motivate me to write. Now, there are totally days where I just don't feel like it, and I justify it to myself to not write those days because of X, which is okay. As long as I get something written at some point, since I"m not on a deadline, that's what matters. Sometimes it's tough. There are days where I just don't feel like it, where I don't have the brainpower. Sometimes I push through and get something written anyway, sometimes I just put it off because it's better to not force it. And then there are the days where the words just flow and I feel really proud of myself, and those make the unmotivated days worth it.
  11. We were bad, we never announced the winner! Congrats @jdvollans! Thank you to everyone who participated!
  12. I wrote words! Today's date: July 13th Words to add: [329] words New total: [5,717] words 
  13. I think you're stuck in the past 😛 Yesterday's date was the 13th. Excel sheet has been updated!