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  1. Jedi Knight Muse


    JCink isn't paid. There's only one thing you'd have to potentially pay for, which is basically being able to make it so that a certain section of your forum is restricted to those 18+ (if I remember right, it gives a TOS for people to agree to saying they're 18+), but that's only if you would need such a thing. I can't remember offhand if Jcink offers password protected forums but I THINK they do, so you could always just do that instead. I'd say definitely give them a poke after Christmas and see what they say. It'll be a pain in the butt to have to deal with, but like I said, with Tapatalk taking things over you're probably better off getting away from Zetaboards. And like I said, Jcink is super accommodating, more so than any other forum host provider I know of. There was a point where JCink was having some kind of issue with downtime, and I was running a Star Wars RP and got a bit hasty and decided to move us over onto Icyboards, but Icyboards was a pain in the ass (like, you had to really dig into the coding to make changes to the skin, for example). I ended up not liking Icyboards any more, so I decided to move us back onto Jcink, which I was able to do by getting the database from Icyboards and also by talking to JCink about it. Once we got back onto the old forum, JCink actually came into the forum's chat box to check on things and make sure...something I can't quite remember was all set, which I was really impressed with. I would say maybe, before you go through the massive effort of having to copy and paste things, go to the Jcink support forum and see if there's some easier way to get your database or get your posts or something so that you don't have to manually copy and paste things, and then at least you would know if Jcink is a viable option for you guys. But, I wouldn't do that until you 1. make a test forum (and set it up the same way as your current forum 2. let your staff members play around on Jcink and see what they say. If they all like it, your next step would be to go to the support forum and ask if there's an easier way to deal with getting the posts onto the new forum. He might have like...some kind of a site crawler or something that allows him to copy posts and the like, but I don't really know if that's a thing.
  2. Jedi Knight Muse

    Battlefield crown [image [prompt]

    I read it and loved it!
  3. Jedi Knight Muse

    Word Prompts (1 -5)

    I'm super late replying to this and Kher already basically answered but nope, you don't have to use them exactly. You can interpret them however you want, and include as many or as little as you want of them, though combining them into one story could potentially be fun, too. These prompts are meant to be pretty loose and just spark ideas.
  4. Jedi Knight Muse

    Subverting Fantasy Tropes

    Someone brought up the fact that discussing the subversion of fantasy tropes would be a good question of the day, but I think I'm making it a non-question of the day. 😛 So, let's talk about the subversion of fantasy tropes. Do you specifically try to make an effort to do this on a conscious level, or do you do it more on a sub-conscious level? Or do you just not really give a crap because you believe that it doesn't matter if it's a trope as long as you give it your own twist that makes it unique to you? What are some examples of tropes that you've subverted or are currently trying to subvert? I am...totally guilty of not even trying to subvert tropes. 😛 I mean, at least not really on a conscious level. I'm drawn to the things that are trope-y/cliche in my writing and in what I love to read, and even if they've been used 1,000 times in probably close to the same way I try to use them in, I enjoy writing them so I go with it. I suppose I could make more of an effort to try and subvert certain ones, though. What about you guys?
  5. Jedi Knight Muse

    Overused tropes that you're totally using anyway

    The enemies-to-lovers trope is one I don't think I've really tried doing before, so honestly I think it's something I'd like to pursue in a future project. I finished going through the responses in the NaNo forum version of this post and writing the ones that stuck out to me down, and...well, there's definitely some specific things that I'm mostly drawn to. I love the idea of writing about a mismatched/ragtag group of heroes who have to journey together and become family. I think I kind of tried to do that with my trio of characters in my NaNo, but I don't think I fully pulled it off (largely because I feel like there's a severe lack of relationship development i it. Like...Alana and Derric are supposed to basically start having romantic feelings for each other, and Alana is supposed to question where Derric (Ivar) runs off to each night and then she confronts him and that scene was...not a very good one. Then later on, the romantic feelings are kind of starting to emerge a little bit more and Derric asks her to dance, but I feel like right now it's kind of out of the blue. It's a sweet moment, but it definitely needs more work) that well. That's mostly due to it being for NaNo and really just wanting to get the bare bones written, though. It's been a loooong time where I've tried to write a story where the central character is a princess being forced into an arranged marriage (other than in Storms of Magic, but technically that character isn't a point of view/central character at the moment), so I'm kind of tempted to try and do that again at some point, just for the fun of it. I also love stories with animal familiars. I have an ooold, terribly written story where the main character has a talking tiger that's her familiar, and it basically turns out that he's her older brother (and a prince) under a spell. That was fun to write, even if it was terribly written and the MC was probably a Mary-Sue. I'm a sucker for royal ball scenes, especially when the dark, mysterious, masked stranger approaches the (princess) and silently offers his hand to dance. There's an old RP I did where that happened, only in that case the mysterious stranger was her older cousin who was supposed to be off doing war-type-things but had come home to surprise her due to her engagement announcement. (Actually, that would be another fun thing to write again, too. Hmmm.) ...and these are only a few examples of what I ended up writing down, haha.
  6. Jedi Knight Muse

    Story Titles

    The ones that stand out to me are: A Time Before Winter Lord Secrets in Ashes A Time Before makes it sound kind of like a prequel or something to a novel about previous heroes that did -insert thing here about saving the world- or something. Like a journal that was written by one of them, maybe. Winter Lord just makes me think of a fairy or mage lord or something with lots of wintry magic. Secrets in Ashes makes me think of a long lost kingdom or magic that was lost to fire or...something like that. (I dunno, my Mageborn story was basically like that-a long lost magic kingdom was attacked and burnt down, and only a few survived the attack so they have to work to bring it back, so that's basically what it reminds me of.)
  7. Jedi Knight Muse

    Getting back to old, long-term projects

    I mean, in this case it was a last minute response to one of the writing challenges here on the forum that I was literally writing up to the last minute...and the two main characters of Storms of Magic were actually secondary characters in that, but I was drawn to them more than I was the main character. So for the next challenge (I believe) I ended up writing something where the two secondary characters were the main characters, and then I ended up deciding to expand on their story. I don't think there was any one thing that inspired it, really. Hmm, the PDF thing is actually a good idea, although I do better with the physical print out. Unfortunately I don't have a printer (yet- hoping Santa will bring me one) so I can't print it out (again....I already printed it out last year using my mom's printer) right now, so I'd have to stick to Google docs or a PDF version I guess. Character questionnaires never really work for me for some reason. Which is weird because I spent so many years role playing and filling out character apps, but when I try to do it for novel characters it never works. I do have a Pinterest board for my NaNo, and I think I kind of tried to do the same thing for SoM, but not to the same extent as my NaNo...so I'll have to try and do it for SoM at some point. Hm, definitely need to do that second to last one, I think. Haha, I think it's mainly streamlined because @Penguinball suggested it yesterday when I was talking to her in Discord...the original plan I had was probably a little less streamlined. XD
  8. Jedi Knight Muse

    Question of the Day #44: Character Secrets

    -Grabby hands- gimme gimme gimme! I really want to read this, haha.
  9. Jedi Knight Muse

    Question of the Day #44: Character Secrets

    Definitely! I'll probably turn it into a regular discussion so that it doesn't have to wait until the next time I decide to post a question of the day. 😛
  10. Jedi Knight Muse

    Question of the Day Suggestions

    Haha, that's okay! You can list as many as you like! 😄 I really like these, so I'll definitely add them to the list!
  11. I made this post on the NaNo forum in the fantasy section and it got a lot of responses! So I decided to start it here and see if we could do the same thing. This could be for your NaNo projects or non-NaNo projects, doesn't matter which. Here are mine that I listed for my NaNo: -Girl who discovers she has magic abilities and has to go on some kind of a journey -Prince who's in disguise/under a spell and has to reclaim his throne -Mysterious mercenary-rogue-type who helps the girl as she goes on some kind of journey (and also helps the prince). Mysterious mercenary-rogue type also has magic that he keeps hidden. -Fairies -In the current draft I had the MC (girl with magic abilities) having to go after some kind of magical stones or whatever buuuut that's not being kept (or at least, not in its current form) -Elemental magic There might be more that I'm not thinking of for it at the moment but I think that's it for now. For Storms of Magic: MMC #1 discovers that he has magic (and is also half-fairy) MMC #2 is a mage. He's quiet, smart, more of an observer, and prefers spending time with his books and a select few friends. (Basically, he's me but is a guy and has magic.) Both MMCs are BFFs. One is the smart, quiet, massive bookworm who also has magic while the other is the less quiet, totally non-bookworm character. One of the MMCs is in love with the queen whom he's known since he was a teenager, and she (possibly) loves him back, but it's most likely never going to happen. MMC with magic/who's half fairy is accused of murdering someone MMC #2 has to watch his father die after he's executed (in a very Ned Stark kind of way), and then watch his older brother die. FMC is forced into an arrange marriage for alliance purposes but she doesn't love the guy she's being forced into marrying and actually loves MMC #1, whom she's been best friends with since they were kids but she knows nothing will probably ever happen. Preeeetty sure there's some kind of a mage council that MMC #2 will have to answer to for his dumbass actions in trying to save MMC #1 after he's accused of murder. Um...I think that's about it.
  12. Jedi Knight Muse

    Getting back to old, long-term projects

    What do you do when you want to get back to an old writing project that you haven't worked on or even thought much about in a while, but you want to be able to tackle it again? What do you do to help get you back into the characters' heads again? For example, now that NaNo is over, I want to get back to my Storms of Magic project. It's been...roughly a year, give or take, since the last time I really thought about and worked on it (except for the fact that this past summer I did go through the notes from @Penguinball and @kherezae from when they beta read it and I made my own notes based on their notes) and actually written anything in the point of views of either of the main characters, and I'm like...I'm kind of nervous that because it's been so long, it might not be that easy for me to get back into their heads, which will make it harder to want to rewrite/add in more scenes to the current draft and get it fixed up for more beta reading. My plan right now is to: Read the current draft of Storms of Magic while taking notes strictly of what happens in the story. Use this as a template for making a list of scenes to add/change. Read the notes from Kher and Penguin again Make the add/change list Try to find some writing prompts to respond to and help get back into their heads I really want to get back to working on this, 'cause I don't want it to be one of those projects that I just never do anything with, especially because it's my first real full draft of one of my writing projects that I actually finished writing and I really want to do something with it. I keep feeling like there's a chance I might lose interest in it, and I really don't want that to happen, which is why I'm hoping that if I go back and read the notes and if I try to find some prompts to respond to with as those characters, it might help spark something and make me be like "oh yeah! I really want to write this now!" But obviously it wouldn't be good to force myself into writing it (though it's not to THAT point). I'm the type of writer who, typically, cannot work on more than one writing project at once (at least, not if both things are meant to be full length novels. I've been able to work on Storms of Magic while writing short little challenge responses before, so this shouldn't be that different). I just wanted to make this post and see what other techniques people may have tried with their own long-term projects to help them get back into them after long periods of time of being away from them, especially if you're not someone who can typically work on more than one novel length project at once. This might be one of those things where what works for one person doesn't necessarily work for the next, but are there any other things that have worked for you and I haven't already mentioned?
  13. Jedi Knight Muse


    I've tried to use Zetaboards from an admin aspect before (meaning, I've played around with it) and I hated it. I really hated the set up, and at the time I'm like 99% positive they didn't even have a way to make it so you could get email notifications of responses (this is back when Zetaboards started becoming popular, so it's been a long time). I heard bad things about Tapatalk (of course, that was after I went through trying to make the old forum mobile friendly with Tapatalk. Go figure -_- ). I don't want to turn this completely off topic, but honestly, as someone who's been running forums for a long time and has played with various software: if you can somehow get the database for your forum (it might cost money, though), I would suggest you get off of Zetaboards (if only because of Tapatalk taking over, since they don't have a great reputation, apparently). Actually, the first thing you would have to do is find a forum host that would convert Zetaboards, and THEN you'd have to be able to get your database. I don't know offhand if this one does it, but I would recommend Jcink. I used Jcink for years (it's based on Invisionfree's forum coding) and they were my go-to for a long time. Honestly, if I hadn't wanted MORE than what Jcink provides for features for Worldsmyths, I would have used them when I first created it. The guy who created it is super helpful and accommodating, way more so than most other forum hosts out there (especially ones that are free). It may not offer much in the way of features you want or are already used to, but I can guarantee that Jcink doesn't force features onto you that you don't want and can't turn off pretty easily. And the nice thing is that Jcink is mostly willing to add on features that may not already exist, depending on what they are, so you may be able to request something depending on what it was if you did decide to convert to Jcink. Anyway, I just thought I'd throw that out there. XD
  14. Jedi Knight Muse

    Another Dumb Question

    Hehe. So, I used to play this Playstation game called Spyro the dragon, and there's this one level in the beginning of the game where you're in like...I dunno, kind of like a valley (but it has some buildings in it...it's kind of hard to explain), and you go up on the higher part of the valley and there's all these sheep running around, and you can shoot a flame out at the sheep. I used to have a lot of fun doing that for no real reason. Um...well, this isn't the level of the game I was talking about (and I didn't even know that you could somehow turn the gems into sheep?! Go figure), but here's an example. 😛 Oh, there's also at least one level that has chickens in it, too, and you can shoot the flame out at them, too. 😛
  15. Optional prompt: She knelt down before the gravestone on the battlefield, tears welling up in her eyes as she reached out toward the crown belonging to her brother. No word count max or deadline. Submit your response to the library and respond to this post with the link so we can read it!