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  1. I wrote words! Today's date: August 15th Words to add: [476] words New total: [476] words
  2. Sorry everyone! I totally blanked again and forgot to announce a winner. Congrats, @katfireblade!
  3. The "new total" is actually asking for your total just for this month alone, so your total from this check in would be the 865 words you checked in with. XD
  4. That's entirely possible, actually, haha. The forum says that I replied to the post at, like, the same exact time that you gave your word count, so it's totally possible. XD
  5. I was in a similar situation, though not quite to the extent that you're in. I was still creating - I wrote role play posts, I created role play characters, I came up with role playing plots for the Star Wars forum role play I ran. I did stuff for school that required being creative. I took photos. But...my novel writing was suffering. I was putting so much time into writing those characters and posts and such for role playing (which, play-by-post role play and novel writing may both be writing, but in my head it's very different...especially since in this case I was writing in the Star Wars universe, so it was essentially fan fiction, which meant going to a different part of my creative brain since it wasn't my own world I was playing in) that even though I was still writing and still trying to write my own stories and participating in NaNo, I just wasn't feeling it any more. For a while I felt like I had forgotten how to write. Like I went so long without really working on a novel length story that it just fell out of my brain. So when my Star Wars role play finally closed, I decided to "retire" from role playing. I missed writing, I missed having a community of writers to chat with about writing, to brainstorm with, to make friends with, and get feedback from. So I decided that I wanted to create that community for myself, because even though there's tons of writing Facebook and forums out there that are focused on writing/fantasy writing, I was finding it harder to immerse myself into their communities and be part of them because they were so big and it was kind of overwhelming to try and be included in things and not feel left out or like that weird newbie who wasn't already part of the cliques that seemed to have formed. I'd created tons of writing groups in the past, and they all closed for various reasons (mostly due to people going MIA/losing interest but also due to me just not putting a ton of effort into trying to keep them going, for different reasons), and this time it was going to be different. I wanted to really put the effort in this time. So I ended up creating Worldsmyths. Having the community has really helped. I've finished the drafts to two novels because of it. The tl;dr version of all that is that for me, just having a community to vent to and brainstorm with and discuss things with has really helped. The writing challenges, in particular, I think, have helped. So maybe start off with that - write some short stories, either just for yourself or for the site or both - and use that as a way to ease yourself back into things, even if they're just character exploration stories and nothing that you're really going to do anything with. Maybe that would help you get to the point of being ready to write a novel.
  6. It really depends. A lot of the time, just talking about writing in Discord, or replying to a post here on the forum, helps me get in the mood. Getting feedback on a piece of writing, or brainstorming, can definitely help. Sometimes it's just a matter of the right kind of movie being on TV, like Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings, to have on as background noise. Sometimes I just have to go into the Fantasy Writers Reddit and look at some of the discussions there, or flip through the (physical) idea journal that I have for writing random ideas down into and something jumps out at me as being something I should use. Music doesn't always help - if I'm listening to the music that I always listen to, which is pretty much soundtrack music with some random artists thrown in, I get too distracted and it's too hard to concentrate. But if I just have the radio on, it's easier to tune it out. Mostly what helps, though, is just talking, either one-on-one or with more than one person, about writing, or about what I'm specifically working on. Sometimes it really sparks me into wanting to write, and gives me the boost that I need. For example, lately I've basically been avoiding actively trying to rewrite my first chapter for some reason, but I've been getting feedback on the current version of the whole first draft from a friend and her feedback has been giving me a bit more of a boost and I'm working towards finally just kicking myself into focusing so I can get it done.
  7. I'm trying to think of whether or not I currently have anything like that in Court of Shadows. I don't think they really exist in the current draft, but they, I think, might be something I'm planning to add in for the second draft. For example, I want a few of the fairies to show my main character, Alana, around the kingdom - show her the different animals/creatures, show her the library and different parts of the palace, etc. I'm thinking she might get to fly on a giant dragonfly or something, and she's never done that kind of thing before that point, so then she gets to apply it what she learns from it when she rides a horse for the first time later on. Is that kiiiiind of what you mean, or am I totally off? XD
  8. Hm...so, the Excel sheet says you're actually at 13,638, and then I added up the totals you've given and I got 13,638. XD So somewhere there's 1,000 words missing.
  9. As a reminder, please remember to keep and fill in the part in the form that asks for the date that you're checking in for, due to the way the forum does dates on posts. Thanks!
  10. Since you didn't participate in the challenge for the last six months (due to not having been a member XD), you actually would only start at 0 for the purposes of this challenge - meaning, you wouldn't include the words that you wrote before August started, you'd only count the words you wrote starting in August. I hope that makes sense! If you don't know what your word count was when you checked in with this reply, that's okay. But from now on, you'll need to only give us the amount of words you've written in August - i.e. if you write 5,000 words one day and another 1,5000 the next day, you'd only give the total for those words since they were written in August. I hope that makes sense! I'm not sure how/if there's a way to fix copy-pasting the template from your phone 😐
  11. I'm suuuuuper late replying to this (yay for life getting in the way), but welcome to the forum! Let us know if you have any questions about anything!