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  1. Jedi Knight Muse

    April Check-In Thread

    I wrote words! Words to add: [1,284] words, April 24th
  2. Jedi Knight Muse

    IMPORTANT: Feedback Request Forum

    So basically kind of like a portfolio thread for each individual author? Like, you make a post and list all of the submissions you've made to the library with links as "open for feedback" or whatever, and then you reply to that post whenever you wanna be like "still seeking feedback for X, Y and Z" or "no longer seeking feedback for A, B and C"? Hm. I think this could maybe work.
  3. Jedi Knight Muse

    IMPORTANT: Feedback Request Forum

    Late reply is late. XD On the one hand I totally get where you're coming from with your reply regarding the jumping up and down - it does get annoying, though it doesnt' really bother me, personally. On the other I'm kind of like 😐 because we HAVE this library where reviews can be given and I don't want new members to look and assume that no one is giving reviews to anyone and decide that it's not worth it to submit/be a member. That being said, I have nothing against people using Google docs in order to give more in-depth feedback. I was talking with @Penguinball again and she said that maybe we could ask people to just drop a comment saying "hey, I reviewed this" and maybe go as far as leaving a summary review of it, just so that people know that while someone gave in-depth feedback elsewhere, they also have a summary review to read for themselves in the library, if that makes sense. Common sense, maybe, but not everyone follows it 😛 Lol. (I should say that no one here is really guilty of that, though. It's really more of a cautionary rule.) I get what you mean, I'm just not sure if I entirely agree that there should be no rule about it right now, but I'm not really against waiting to add it in. Ah, I'll fix it.
  4. Jedi Knight Muse

    April Check-In Thread

    -Hangs head- I wrote words! Words to add: [87] words, April 23rd
  5. Jedi Knight Muse

    April Check-In Thread

    I wrote words! Words to add: [1189] words, April 21st
  6. Jedi Knight Muse

    April Check-In Thread

    I wrote words! Words to add: [438] words, April 20th
  7. Jedi Knight Muse


    Welcome to the forum, @Brian Meeks! What's your epic fantasy about?
  8. Updated! And added myself for 15k instead of 20k, lol.
  9. Jedi Knight Muse

    May Worldsmyths Community Writing Challenge Sign Ups

    REMINDER: The first day to sign up to participate in April for the Worldsmyths Community Writing Challenge is this Saturday, April 6th, by 11:59 PM EST GMT-5. The sign ups are here. Remember, in order for your words to be counted for the month of May, you have to have signed up by May 4th by 11:59 PM EST GMT-5. If you have any questions, please PM @Jedi Knight Muse. To sign up, you must: 1. Have an account 2. Read the blurb, which has the links to the FAQs and other important info 3. Join the Club and sign up by replying to this post with your word count pledge. A Few Reminders: For every hour of editing, you can count 1,000 words You can count any kind of world building, plotting, character development, etc notes towards your word count that you write during the challenge To be able to get an accurate final word count for your participation during the six months, it's ideal if you try to check-in with your word counts at least once a month. Here is the link for April. If you have a question about the challenge, please post here. We encourage you to help us advertise the challenge (and even the site in general)! You can find info for advertising the challenge here.