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    April Check-In Thread

    I wrote words! Words to add: [1,284] words, April 24th
  2. (Using @Manu's original write up from March with some edits!) Welcome to the April check-in thread for the Worldsmyths Community Writing Challenge 2019! @Penguinball will be doing the updates for the month of April. Instead of using reactions like Manu did, she's going to just give a text reply to the post letting everyone know that the sheet has been updated. Checking in to update your word count You can either tell us the number of words you wrote since your last check-in (words to add), or keep track of your total and post your updated total word count (new total) - simply choose the option that is more convenient for you. You don't have to do any calculating, our spreadsheet will do that for you. Simply copy and paste this form - you only have to provide one of the numbers, you can ignore the other one. I am adding a third part to this form, which anyone who did NOT participate in March can ignore. This third part is for your previous total - so, if you ended up reaching 15k in March, you would provide the exact numbers for what your final total was. If you did not participate in March (meaning you either didn't sign up in time or you just didn't check in), your number will be set to 0 in the spreadsheet until you update with your word count for April. I hope this makes sense, but if you're still confused please make sure to reply to this post with any questions.) Remember, if this is the first time you're participating in the challenge and you did not participate in March, please only count words that you are writing in April toward your word count for this - meaning, even if you wrote during March but weren't yet signed up for the challenge, you'll have to start from 0 with your actual word count for the challenge. For those of you who prefer to not reset your word count each month, @Manu added the option to tell us your overall total of all challenge months to the spreadsheet. So how does this spreadsheet thing work? Here is this year's word count spreadsheet! You'll need to click on the April tab to see the stats and such for each person. In order to access your individual stats, click on the "+" left of your name, and the sheet should expand and show them. Edit: once it has hit April 1st in your time zone, you are welcome to start checking in with your word counts! Bug reports concerning the spreadsheet can be posted here in this thread as well.
  3. Jedi Knight Muse

    IMPORTANT: Feedback Request Forum

    So basically kind of like a portfolio thread for each individual author? Like, you make a post and list all of the submissions you've made to the library with links as "open for feedback" or whatever, and then you reply to that post whenever you wanna be like "still seeking feedback for X, Y and Z" or "no longer seeking feedback for A, B and C"? Hm. I think this could maybe work.
  4. Jedi Knight Muse

    IMPORTANT: Feedback Request Forum

    It was recently suggested that we add a forum for requesting feedback for our submissions to the library! You can find the new forum, which should be members only, here, in addition to the rules which you can find here. We are looking for some feedback regarding this section. @Penguinball and I were discussing it and thought that this would be a good discussion and opportunity to get feedback about this. We seemed to agree that there are two schools of thoughts when it comes to feedback - there are those of us who want "oh, I really liked this/didn't like this" and may not be looking to fix anything with that particular piece, and there are those who want more detailed feedback so that they can make appropriate changes to improve it. Those who just want the general reviews may be more willing to share their raw writing, whereas those who are looking for the more honest, detailed feedback may be more hesitant to do so, which is likely one reason as to why there aren't as many submissions to the library being made. As far as feedback goes, there are those who are more comfortable giving or receiving their feedback in a less public matter, such as in a Google doc. While we are totally okay with this, we also want to encourage members to give each other their feedback through the review feature of the library, so that newer members can see that yes, members are being given feedback. So, what do you guys think? What's the easiest way to handle this? Should we give those who wish to give more detailed feedback the option of doing so in a Google doc rather than in a public matter? Or is there maybe something else that neither of us are currently thinking of? Additionally, we were uncertain as to whether or not we should have a hard cap for the amount of submissions a member can ask for feedback on. For example, let's say Joe Shmoe comes along and he has ten different stories that he's submitted to the library. Should he be able to request feedback on all ten submissions at once, and make ten different posts requesting feedback? Or should we have a cap of, say, five submissions that he's allowed to ask for feedback for at once? Do you have any feedback for the rules for requesting feedback that you can think of and should be added?
  5. Jedi Knight Muse

    IMPORTANT: Feedback Request Forum

    Late reply is late. XD On the one hand I totally get where you're coming from with your reply regarding the jumping up and down - it does get annoying, though it doesnt' really bother me, personally. On the other I'm kind of like 😐 because we HAVE this library where reviews can be given and I don't want new members to look and assume that no one is giving reviews to anyone and decide that it's not worth it to submit/be a member. That being said, I have nothing against people using Google docs in order to give more in-depth feedback. I was talking with @Penguinball again and she said that maybe we could ask people to just drop a comment saying "hey, I reviewed this" and maybe go as far as leaving a summary review of it, just so that people know that while someone gave in-depth feedback elsewhere, they also have a summary review to read for themselves in the library, if that makes sense. Common sense, maybe, but not everyone follows it 😛 Lol. (I should say that no one here is really guilty of that, though. It's really more of a cautionary rule.) I get what you mean, I'm just not sure if I entirely agree that there should be no rule about it right now, but I'm not really against waiting to add it in. Ah, I'll fix it.
  6. Worldsmyths Community Writing Challenge Round Three: May Sign Ups April 20th - May 4th The next round of sign ups for the challenge is here already! This will work the same exact why as it did for March and April. You'll have until May 4th by 11:59 PM GMT-4 to sign up for the month of May. (The word count check ins for April are still going, but we're giving everyone two weeks to sign up each time the next month is approaching.) If you miss the deadline for May, you will be able to sign up for May starting on April 20th. Please remember, in order to have your word check-ins counted for May, you must have signed up by responding to this post! This post is specifically just for choosing and pledging a word count that you want to aim for during the month of March. In order to sign up, you must reply to this post with the word count goal you would like to pledge for May. In order to keep the thread clean, please leave all discussion out of this post. If you have any questions, you can use this post to do so. If you miss the deadline for signing up by a day or two, we will probably make an exception, but otherwise you'll have to wait until the May sign up is posted. When choosing your goal, remember that you are not aiming to write it within the six months as a whole, you are aiming to write it within a single month. Remember, you do not have to choose the same word count as the previous month. If you surpassed your goal or didn't come anywhere close to it, you are welcome to aim for a higher/lower goal for the month of April. You'll keep writing toward your word count goal for March until March 31st at midnight in your time zone. If you have not been checking into the check in post for March with your word counts, please make sure you do so! The check in post is here. 5k @Trekkie @Penguinball 7k @PurpleChocolate 10k @Storycollector @TricksterShi @TwistedRiver @EdelBeeRocker @Mynoris 15k @Jedi Knight Muse @Elena 20K -Name here- 25k -Name here- 30k -Name here- 35k @Emskie-Wings 40k @Pinchofmagic 45k -Name here- 50k -Name here- 60k -Name here- 65k -Name here- 70k -Name here- 75K -Name here- 80k -Name here- 85k -Name here- 90k -Name here- 95k -Name here- 100k @Tangwystle 125k -Name here- 150k -Name here- 175k -Name here- 200k -Name here- Tagging: @Penguinball, @Manu, @JayLee, @Mynoris, @Pinchofmagic, @taintedhero, @C_M_Clark, @RKM, @LShelby, @Amblygon, @Romancegirl, @Titania, @XanthussMarduk, @Autumn, @Crysania, @bdcharles, @Jessitiz, @Sheepy-Pie, @DaVinci, @Tigtogiba34, @nikipinz, @fenn, @airrica, @Anthony Lockwood, @Dreamcatcher, @electric, @TricksterShi, @Elena, @Emskie-Wings, @Fluffypoodel
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    April Check-In Thread

    -Hangs head- I wrote words! Words to add: [87] words, April 23rd
  8. Jedi Knight Muse

    April Check-In Thread

    I wrote words! Words to add: [1189] words, April 21st
  9. Our three year anniversary is approaching, and we'd like to gather feedback from the community regarding the site, so we can do our best to continue to grow and improve it. Any feedback you can give is greatly appreciated. After all, this site wouldn't exist without you! If there is something that you would rather say privately and not open in a public post, please send a private message on the forum to @Jedi Knight Muse with your feedback. You can answer whatever parts of these questions apply to you (i.e. if you do not use Discord at all or not much, you can choose to not answer all of them), but we ask that you answer each question as best as you can. To answer the questions, please copy and paste the following form into a reply to this form.
  10. Jedi Knight Muse

    April Check-In Thread

    I wrote words! Words to add: [438] words, April 20th
  11. Jedi Knight Muse


    Welcome to the forum, @Brian Meeks! What's your epic fantasy about?
  12. Updated! And added myself for 15k instead of 20k, lol.
  13. Question of the Day #50: Favorite Mythological Creatures I thought this would be a good question of the day to go with our Myths and Legends writing challenge. What are your favorite mythological creatures? What makes them your favorite(s)? What are your least favorites? What are your favorite pieces of media (books/movies) that involve them and may have gone as far as making them your favorites? Have you written about them in any of your writing projects?
  14. Jedi Knight Muse

    May Worldsmyths Community Writing Challenge Sign Ups

    REMINDER: The first day to sign up to participate in April for the Worldsmyths Community Writing Challenge is this Saturday, April 6th, by 11:59 PM EST GMT-5. The sign ups are here. Remember, in order for your words to be counted for the month of May, you have to have signed up by May 4th by 11:59 PM EST GMT-5. If you have any questions, please PM @Jedi Knight Muse. To sign up, you must: 1. Have an account 2. Read the blurb, which has the links to the FAQs and other important info 3. Join the Club and sign up by replying to this post with your word count pledge. A Few Reminders: For every hour of editing, you can count 1,000 words You can count any kind of world building, plotting, character development, etc notes towards your word count that you write during the challenge To be able to get an accurate final word count for your participation during the six months, it's ideal if you try to check-in with your word counts at least once a month. Here is the link for April. If you have a question about the challenge, please post here. We encourage you to help us advertise the challenge (and even the site in general)! You can find info for advertising the challenge here.
  15. Jedi Knight Muse

    IMPORANT: Worldsmyths 2019 Feedback Survey

    Aah, okay. Yeah, I think it's an automatic thing, but I have no real idea 'cause Kher is the one who set everything up. There are probably things that I'm still not aware of 😛 . Looking back at the Google doc that I made when we were working on the upgrade to the current software, there is an awards mod, but it's $25.00 and then another $7.00 every six months.
  16. Jedi Knight Muse

    How Has Learning About Stories Changed How You Consume Media

    You already know my feelings about the new trilogy, particularly The Last Jedi, but this is actually one thing that I agree with (meaning, I agree with you but not with the people who think it's just "copying" the first trilogy). I mean, there are certain elements (Rey coming from a desert planet, the First Order building another version of the Death Star, probably some other things I'm not remembering) that are similar in The Force Awakens, but I'm not sure that I agree that it's a complete copy of A New Hope. There are things about it that do make it different. As far as The Last Jedi being a copy of Empire Strikes Back goes, though...I mean, again, there's certain elements that are kinda similar, and it does have the darker themes just like Empire Strikes Back, but that doesn't make it a copy. And like you said, they're following the heroes journey, so...yeah, they're going to have similar beats. There's nothing wrong with that, as long as the characters don't follow the same exact path. Example: does a mentor die in A New Hope? Yes. Does a mentor die in The Force Awakens? Yes, but the difference is that the mentor is not the wise old wizard that Obi-Wan was. Ugh, I definitely feel like I analyze movies a bit more than I used to. I definitely analyze books more! I notice when there's a typo, or an awkward sentence that doesn't make sense, or anything like that. I took a video film making class in my last semester of my classes, and honestly I think it kind of ruined movie watching for me because now I notice the technical things that they do wrong when editing, or I just analyze the different shots they use. Example: Wizard of Oz. There is one scene, just after Dorothy and the Scarecrow have met the Tin Man and he does his little dance and the witch comes along and throws the fireball at the Scarecrow, it is VERY obvious that they cut some dialogue, because Dorothy goes from holding Toto to not holding Toto any more in the span of a microsecond. That and the fact that Dorothy's hair length keeps going from short to longer and short to longer...granted, this movie was filmed in 1938-39 (released in '39, not so sure when it was actually filmed) so editing was not even close to what it is today, but because of what I learned in that class I definitely over analyze it. And it's my favorite movie!
  17. Jedi Knight Muse

    Who's Who in Discord?

    So, I have a confession to make: I am terrible at keeping track of who's who on the forum VS in the Discord (unless the username in the Discord and the forum are the same), and I know there are a few newer people who've gone into the Discord server but don't have the same username in there as they do on the forum. So I thought it would be useful for everyone if we had a list of everyone who's joined the server and what their username is on both the forum and in the server. Left side of the list: username on the forum Right side of the list: their username/display name on Discord Jedi Knight Muse[/member] > Jedi Knight Muse (Ally) Sheepy-Pie[/member] > Sheepy-Pie Penguinball[/member] > Penguinball Manu[/member] > Manu Tyrannohotep[/member] > Tyrannohotep SecretRock[/member] > Rock CorianderLeaves[/member] > CorianderLeaves Jupiter Jabez[/member] > Jupiter Jabez mathgnome[/member] > ChatoicMathgnome electric[/member] > electric Elena[/member] > Elena Jessitiz[/member] > Jessitiz kherezae[/member] > Kherezae Silver[/member] > Silver Xyem[/member] > xyem If your name is NOT on this list and you have been in the Discord server/have been chatting in it, please respond and let me know what your name is in there so that I can add you to this list. Also, if you haven't been using the Discord server at all but are interested in joining in on the chatter, you can find directions on how to join it here.
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    IMPORANT: Worldsmyths 2019 Feedback Survey

    I mean, I would like to hope that they are and that they've explored the forum enough to be able to find everything, but really I have no real way of knowing that. As far as having the link to the library and forums etc along the top bar instead of the drop down menu...I mean, we could, but the downside is that I think we'd have to buy another forum theme (which @kherezae was nice enough to do, since I believe it cost money, and she also is the one that installed it and such), and I don't really have the money for that due to things just generally being tight right now for me...plus it would have to be something that would actually have that feature instead of a drop down menu and it would also just have to look just as nice as the current one does. And honestly, I mean...I don't think the links being in the drop down is really hiding anything, though. I mean, I'm not saying "no, we can't do it this way" (and I pretty much imagined what you were describing as the way you did it in Paint XD), it's just...if it ends up being something that's doable, I don't see it happening any time soon. I just looked and I don't even see any settings to be able to move any of that stuff around, so it would all be on @kherezae to fiddle with it, and she's been busy lately so I'm not sure how fast she'd be able to look into it or anything. I'm talking with her right now, though, and she says it's not difficult to do what you're suggesting and she's going to try and look into it soon. Hm. I could be wrong but I thought we had done some kind of a guide to explain what's what with some of the new features, but maaaaybe not. I could do a write up to explain them? We don't even really utilize the calendar like it could be used. As far as the resources go, that's actually something that I want to start using more - right now it's for the writing resources that I had gathered into a Google doc several months ago, but I don't think it's all of them (Kher is the one who set it up), and there might be some dead links that need to be taken care of. I'm hoping to get this situated some time in the next few months and be better about staying on top of updating it and letting members submit resources that they find. The picture icon lets you change the background picture, so that instead of the forest you get to choose one of the other pictures that we've uploaded. It's one of the reasons we chose this specific theme, because we thought it was cool and that people would like being able to change out the background. The "unread content" thing is basically the same as "view new posts" on any other forum, and is something that I know I utilize and wouldn't want to get rid of. The "Create+" button is needed in order to create a submission in the library, an update on the main page (all of those information posts that I make, like the ones about the sign ups for the word count challenge and the feedback survey), and some other things, so we can't get rid of that. I don't consider the "unread content" or "create+" button to be redundant. We have a lot of people using Discord who aren't using the forum either at all or are using it very little. We also have members who use the forum but never use Discord. We're hoping that it'll (eventually) kind of get balanced out, but we can't force people to use one over the other or use both if they're not comfortable with it. We basically want people to mainly use the forum, with Discord being secondary, but we can't force that onto them since some people find it easier to chat on Discord than they do on the forum, which is fine. But this is why we have the forum discussion channel. We use it to post links to discussions and the like that are taking place on the forum so we can try and draw people into reading/replying to them. (So any time you post a discussion topic, please feel free to go ahead and post it in that channel, it doesn't have to be done by a staff member.) Promoting the forum is tough because there's so few resources that actually allow advertising (I've come across older forums that don't allow you to advertise at all), and those that do only have specific days for it (like 99.9% of Facebook groups). With Facebook groups, like I said, 99.9% of them only allow you to advertise on specific days (like, there's an "official" NaNoWriMo Facebook group, but they only allow you to advertise on the first Monday of each month, so I have to wait until May 1st before I can post the link again, for example), in addition to also having to fight the algorithms. If you're trying to post in a huge group, chances are that unless it gets A LOT of comments/likes, it's really not going to get seen by anyone and is going to end up being buried before most people see that it's there. @bdcharles has been awesome and has been helping to oversee the Worldsmyths twitter account, so between the two of us we've been trying to tweet as much as possible to get the word out there about the forum. I've also been trying to make sure to retweet some of the tweets on my own author account, and I know @Penguinball has been doing the same. I'm a member of several other Discord servers, though admittedly I'm not super active in there, but I've kind of tried to do a little bit of advertising in there when I can/it's allowed but I don't want to be one of those people who is clearly not active otherwise but just wants to lure members from their servers into ours or something. There's a Reddit thing specifically for linking to Discord servers that I've been putting the link up onto whenever I think of it. I think we've gotten a fair amount of people from there (I think @Prophecybound might have come from there?), but they don't always actually say anything once they're in the server and are moved into the main channels/register on the forum/stick around. There's also the fantasy Reddit, but the problem is that directly linking to another website isn't allowed, so it requires some tricky "hey, I just happen to know of a website named Worldsmyths if you want to Google it..." maneuvering, and it has to be in a post where it's actually relevant (i.e. asking about other writing communities). I try to do some advertising through our Instagram, but I'm honestly not sure whether or not it actually brings anyone to the forum. I don't think I've ever seen anyone say that they found the site through it. The problem is that forums are just not what they used to be, and we have to battle against Facebook groups because they're "more convenient" and somehow it's "easier" to remember that they exist over a forum, even though you can turn on e-mail notifications to get sent to your e-mail, and God knows I send out enough newsletters that, theoretically, they should be reminding people that we exist. 😛 I do post the link on the NaNo forum when I can (they have a thing against posting more than a certain amount of times), but the problem is they don't really allow it in the fantasy genre section of the forum, so I have to kind of sneakily get the link up in there in order to attract more people from there. We have gotten a few people from there, but the other issue is that the NaNo forums are also kind of dead at this time of year. I'm honestly not sure if a promotion drive would really work or not. We'd have to really rely on members to be willing to help us with it, and I'm not sure if that would really work, nor am I sure that they wouldn't run into the same problem that we have (i.e. posting in Facebook groups on specific days that they allow it) when it comes to advertising. Even if everyone with a Twitter account got onto their accounts and made an effort to tweet about the forum and tag certain hashtags, that would be awesome. But...I've given information for how to help us advertise before (i.e. for the word count challenge) and as far as I'm aware, no one has done it, so it's pretty much on us. I'm not against trying to do a promotion drive, I'm just wary that anyone would actually follow through with it, or if they do it would be very few people. And I'm actually not sure how to even run it, 'cause I've never tried before. ...we have a points system? XD (Seriously, I know that we have it but, like, I haven't even looked into how to do anything with it, it's just...automatic. I think it's something that Kher probably set up when we did the switch over to the current software.) I honestly don't know if utilizing the point system in that way would even make any kind of a difference to people. Yeaah, we've given graphics before (it may not be obvious because we've kind of slacked off on it a bit, but we do do it) for "prizes," and it hasn't seemed to make any kind of a difference - meaning, it's not really an incentive to get people to submit to the forum. When people ask about us offering prizes, they're generally looking for things like gift cards and the like, not so much points or anything like that that, at least based on what I've seen.
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    Question of the Day #50: Favorite Mythological Creatures

    Haha. XD I don't know, they're just...they're really cool looking, and they're always so intelligent and wise (at least the ones who can talk). (I mean, I don't know if I'd say that applies to Smaug, but most dragons I've seen in different movies are like that. Oh, I totally forgot another one - Pete's Dragon. Elliot isn't the best example of being wise, but I think the point of him, in that particular case, is that he has a childlike personality so that it's easier for Pete to relate to him and trust him.) Another good example is the dragon in Dragonheart! Yeah, between it being weird and me just being terrified of the red bull, I just...never really had the desire to watch it more than once (I'm not even sure whether or not I actually owned it on VHS though). I definitely appreciate it more now. Plus I love the pirate cat!