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  1. Hi everyone, Based on the responses we've gotten so far to our announcement about moving completely onto Discord, it seems as though everyone seems to approve of us shifting everything onto Discord and removing the forum. We are gathering feedback to use toward revamping the server, and would appreciate any feedback you can provide. We have a survey located here with several questions that we would appreciate everyone taking the time to answer for us. If you are not yet a member of the Discord server and would like to join, the link is here. We will continue keeping everyone updated as we continue to progress with making changes to the server. Keep writing! The Worldsmyths Staff
  2. Hm. I'm honestly not sure why it's doing that. What are you using to browse the site? As far as the answer to your question goes...as long as you can click on the links, it's fine (I'm admittedly not sure how to fix it).
  3. We totally get and understand the concern regarding the fact that it can be hard to keep up with the conversations going on in the Discord server. In fact, this is one of the things we discussed as being a downside to do this. Unfortunately, there's not a ton we can do about that. People are in weird time zones, and have crazy schedules, and we get that. We have tried to be as accommodating as possible to that fact for the past few years by keeping the forum open for as long as we have. Unfortunately, things haven't changed as far as the forum's activity goes, and we really can't justify keeping it open on the off chance that a few people are possibly going to be active, not when we have an entire community of people on the Discord server who are actively using it. I realize how frustrating this might be, but I'm...not entirely sure what else we can do at this point. What's the point of keeping a forum open for a few people who might make posts and might respond, only to not get any responses back due to the larger community not using the forum any more? It just doesn't make sense. We've tried long and hard to keep the forum afloat, but it's just not working any more. The Discord server IS floating, though, and that's what's important. I don't know if this will really, truly help, but one thing we could possibly consider doing is something I've seen in the World Anvil Discord server, which is an end of the month "newsletter" where they do a tag for everyone in the server and let people know about things going on in the server, though that won't really help with actual conversations. I'm not sure what, if anything, can really be done about that, though. I think it just kind of...is what it is. 🙁 We have to do what's best for the community as a whole.
  4. Welcome to the forum, @Evanarix! Let us know if you have any questions. I look forward to chatting with you more on DIscord! 😄
  5. I'm sad that you and even some others have gotten the feeling that you have to either use both the forum and the server or neither - that was never our intention, and I hope we never gave a specific impression that made you think that. We've always encouraged people to use the forum, because while Discord is great for things like fast-paced discussion, we've always wanted the forum to be where the activity is mainly generated, especially for things that require longer discussions, because it's so much easier to write a longer post on the forum and have it get read (generally) than it is on Discord where it can get lost a little more easily, but it hasn't really been a requirement, not since before the Discord server was made and it started getting more active. I can see why it might have been thought that you still had to use both, though, because of the fact that we had the challenges and such here on the forum. We've always tried to balance things out between both platforms, but it's gotten to the point where it's just not working any more and the forum is just sitting here because no one is really using it. Even I am finding that I'm not visiting it on a daily basis any more, though that's probably mostly because I know that I won't find much going on here. And even without the Discord, I mean...there really wasn't much for discussions taking place. People would start posts, people would reply, and that was it. No actual conversations really took place. As someone who is also an old school forum user - which is why I tried so hard to keep the forum for so long - it was one of the most bizarre things ever, because I've seen other forums where people generate conversations all the time and there's a lot of back and forth, but for some reason that was just not happening despite our best efforts. There's only so much we can do and say to basically tell people that they need to post and not rely on the staff to do it for them. This is unfortunately a long time issue that we've had since the beginning, and we've wracked our brains trying to figure out how to fix things, but nothing really worked. I do hope that you'll be active in the server more, and can feel less overwhelmed about participating. If you have any questions or concerns about anything happening in the server, or you just want to chat about writing or whatever, you are always welcome to message me. I definitely don't want people to feel like they're not being included, or like there's cliques being formed or anything like that and that they're unable to participate.
  6. This is definitely a valid concern, and something we have already discussed as being a potential issue. However, we honestly don't have much in the way of an alternative. If the activity is naturally shifting over onto Discord anyway, the forum is basically otherwise useless due to no longer being used and generating activity. While we generally don't like to strictly police the channels in our server, if things get to be too off topic in a specific channel, we do remind people to move conversations to the appropriate channels if necessary. As far as giving each other feedback is concerned (assuming that's what you're talking about, is feedback for our writing), people have already been using one of the channels to share Google doc links and it's worked well enough. We're always open to suggestions for possible alternatives that make sense for us, especially since we're not planning to put this into effect until January, but right now this seems to be the best choice for us. There are also plenty of other writing groups that are specifically only on Discord that are very successful. I've said this in the past - members are the beating heart of a forum. Without them generating activity, the forum dies. Unfortunately, there's just not much of a point in trying to pump life back into it, which is something we've tried to do a lot in the past already. Instead, we can take advantage of the fact that the Discord server is still providing an active community. We really feel that this is the best option for us.
  7. That's a totally understandable feeling to have! We'd be happy to have you back on the server. 🙂
  8. Members, With the end of the year approaching, the staff members and I have been discussing making some changes regarding the forum and the Discord server. The forum has existed for almost four years now, and from the start we've seen a lot of dips and spikes in activity, mostly due to the fact that forums just aren't as popular as they used to be. There's not a whole lot that we can do about that. However, what we can do is accept the fact that the forum will never be as busy as it once was, and take advantage of what we have with Discord. For those of you who've been around for the last four years, you know that this is something that we've discussed in the past, and at the time we decided against it. Since then, not a lot has changed as far as forum activity goes, and in order to keep the community running, we need to make a big change. We are now seriously considering completely shifting everything onto Discord and no longer actively use the forum. The forum would be turned into an archive, and all of our activity would be on Discord. We would continue to offer writing challenges and the opportunity for giving each other feedback on writing, through the use of Google docs. If we decided to do this, it likely would not go into effect until January 2020. Making this change would mean the potential for a more active community. It would also mean having everything in one place, rather than trying to balance everything out between both the server and forum. We would also be condensing some of the channels and adding others, and making any necessary updates to the rules. We would like to give everyone enough time to acclimate to the idea, in addition to also giving us honest, constructive feedback regarding making this change, so we invite you to give us your feedback. Whether you have been a member of the community since the beginning or only a few days, we encourage you to provide feedback and express and potential concerns you may have regarding this decision. Please respond to this post by this Saturday, November 23rd, with your feedback. Thank you, The Worldsmyths Staff
  9. Hi and welcome, @Rogue! 🙂 NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. It's a writing challenge that takes place every year in November. The website is http://nanowrimo.org The goal is to write 50,000 words of a new novel between November 1st and November 30th. A lot of people (including myself) choose to be "rebels" and just continue to write whatever they're currently working on when November starts and only count the words written during November, or they use NaNo to write new drafts of a previously written story. We have a lot of people who participate it in it every year, so we like to see how many of our members do so. 🙂 You'll see a lot of talk about it in the server right now, since there's a lot of us participating. Let us know if you have any questions!
  10. Share your favorite lines and quotes that you've written during NaNo! Please only share 3-5 paragraphs at a time.
  11. This post is for sharing your word counts for the first week of NaNo. We'll have a separate post for the following weeks. Please only share your word counts in this thread!
  12. @KaeAlexandria made a Google doc for NaNo buddies, if people who haven't already done so want to add themselves to it! https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1Eb6QNWujLERMneObSBlTFj5q1N1NSoW4oIkURdDYk2w/edit?usp=sharing
  13. It'll be a long time before I'm even close to looking for beta readers again (I need to get through writing this next draft and then edit the dang thing), but I'll definitely let you know when I am! I'll more than likely put a chapter or two up in the library. I already have two chapters up there but there's a lot I'm going to be changing about them.
  14. Welcome again, @Mirrasae! I'm looking forward to getting to know you better. 🙂 Maybe at some point in the future we can discuss the possibility of trading chapters for beta reading or something.
  15. Welcome to the forum! Buffy, Charmed and Gilmore Girls are three of my favorite TV shows, too.
  16. I tried adding you both and it gave me an error message -_-
  17. Welcome @Nyx! I was at a friend's house last night and her friend (and my semi-mutual friend) that was there mentioned Good Omens and said that the show is really good. I haven't read the book, but I've heard of it and it does sound like a good show, so I might end up checking it out. I know this feeling/frustration ooooh so well! XD We do have a section of the forum for brainstorming, but you have to reach 15 posts on the forum before you'll be able to actually use it to make any posts, but in the meantime you're welcome to use the brainstorming channel on Discord to get some brainstorming help. One of the things I do when I have a vague idea is I go through my idea journals that I keep and write down the stuff that sticks out to me that would possibly work for the story. Or I go to the NaNo forums or a few other forums I know of and see what I can find for ideas there. Something else that might help you (it doesn't necessarily always help me but that's because I am a chronic over-thinker XD) is to just free write and write a scene or something where you kind of discovery write and figure things out that way. I just looked up your instagram and your art is not crappy! XD It's way better than anything I can draw...which amounts to stick figures, lol. Anyway, we're happy to have you here, and I hope we can help you do some brainstorming for your NaNo! If you have any questions, feel free to ask. We have monthly writing challenges, and also do our own mini version of NaNo (sort of) in March (the last two years it was a six month challenge but I think next year we're going to do three months).
  18. Welcome to the forum, @AJ Hunter! The way you're approaching world building (basically) is an interesting, cool way of doing it, making a point of only focusing on the creatures, rather than every single being on the face of the planet. I sort of do something similar, I really only focus on world building the stuff that's important to the story, and a lot of it is stuff that I discover as I write. Anyway, welcome to the forum! Let us know if you have any questions, and I look forward to interacting with you both here and on Discord. 🙂
  19. Lol, you know what I just realized? I was confusing you in my brain with @DragonGate, that's why I thought you had already introduced yourself. XD My bad!
  20. Welcome to the forum, @dinasaur! World building and research can definitely be a daunting task, I 1,000% feel you there. I'm still working at slowly world building for mine and I feel like I barely have anything for it. We have quite a few people who are long time veterans of NaNo, including myself. I've participated since like 2007 and last year was the first year I got to 25k (before I got burnt out). But I still do it every year. XD We'll be doing some virtual write ins in the Discord server, which I know you've already joined, and word wars and things like that throughout November. Let us know if you have any questions!
  21. I could have sworn I remembered seeing an intro from you, but maybe not. XD Either way, welcome to the forum, and yes, it's totally still okay!
  22. THANK YOU for responding to this, Tang! Honestly, I can't imagine trying to turn this challenge into a year 'round challenge - six months was hard enough for Penguin and I to do and keep on top of. It's way too much work, and II, at least, definitely got burnt out a bit by having to keep track of the word counts, and it got confusing A LOT of the time. I think if Worldsmyths was designed to focus on that kind of challenge, that would be totally different - there's a forum I know of that does a year 'round version of it called WriYear, and it's specifically designed for it. I don't even know if it still exists or not. Taking the pressure off of us is definitely one of the reasons we want to try 1. three months instead of six months 2. having it self-moderated. I'm not sure how much of a disaster letting it be self-moderated might be, but honestly after this year's challenge...it's worth it to see if it works out. I liked the idea of doing six months because it kind of made us unique from Camp NaNo, but...honestly, I think it's worth it to try three months instead of six.
  23. October Writing Challenge Prompt: A character stumbles upon the corpse of a mythical creature that's said not to exist OR Share a piece of world building that you've developed. Deadline: Thursday, October 31st by 11:59 PM GMT-5 Word count: 5,000 words max Submissions: To submit to the challenge, please submit to the library, under the "flash plus" category. Please make sure to use the tag "monthly writing challenge" where it asks for a tag in the form, and to copy and paste the text of the story, rather than upload the file. You're welcome to write and submit something brand new for the challenge or use something old/from your current WIP as long as it fits the challenge prompt. If you have any questions, please send @Jedi Knight Muse or @Penguinball a PM. Please reply to this post with the link to your library submission. A character stumbles upon the corpse of a mythical creature that's said not to exist
  24. We have three submissions for the September challenge! When voting, keep in mind the important elements of a story - character development, plot, world building, etc. Do not vote for yourself. If you vote, please consider taking a few minutes to also give some general feedback/a review to those who've participated in the challenge and especially whomever you vote for. If you participated in the challenge, please also consider giving some feedback to each of your fellow participants! As a reminder, here are the prompts that were given The voting will close on Tuesday, October 8th by 11:59 PM EST, unless a clear winner is determined before then. Here are the submissions! GOOD LUCK, EVERYONE!
  25. What are the biggest tips you'd like to give to other participants of NaNoWriMo? I'm not really the best person to be giving tons of advice when it comes to NaNo, but these are some of the things that I've learned in the last year, with and without NaNo. Don't be afraid to skip around Seriously, this is something that I learned really helps me, and I'm someone who usually can't NOT write linearly. If I get to a chapter where I just don't have a good grasp on how I want it to go, I'll skip to the next one where I DO know how I want it to go. Don't be afraid to write in filler names/words/whatever Words are words no matter what they are during NaNo. Don't be afraid to write something ridiculous in the place of a name or whatever it might be, even if you end up writing BOB, or INSERT SOMETHING HERE. Those are still words that are being counted toward your word count, and the NaNo validator won't know any different! It's okay to need and take a break Life happens. You have work, school, families, social lives, etc. As much as we all enjoy writing, sometimes those things have to be put first. Don't stress out over losing a day or a few hours or whatever Reward yourself! Buy yourself some candy. Buy a new book to read each day after you've gotten your daily goal written. Rewards are good way to encourage yourself to keep going! Get those 1,667 words a day minimum written if you can, but don't stress about writing every single day. Try not to overthink things! Easier said than done, especially coming from me, queen of overthinking. If you feel yourself getting stuck, try to take a step back and think about what you're trying to accomplish with the scene that you're working on. Don't be afraid to ask for brainstorming help! If you're stuck on something, feel free to either post here in our brainstorming forum or in the brainstorming channel on the Discord server!