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  1. I wrote words! Today's date: June 24th Words to add: [1,342] words New total: [15,413] words Don't forget that I upped my goal to 20k @Penguinball
  2. I wrote words! Today's date: June 20th Words to add: [908] words New total: [13,716] words 
  3. Worldsmyths Community Writing Challenge Round Five: July Sign Ups June 22nd - July 6th The next round of sign ups for the challenge is here already! This will work the same exact why as it did for previous months. You'll have until July 6th by 11:59 PM GMT-4 to sign up for the month of July. (The word count check ins for June are still going, but we're giving everyone two weeks to sign up each time the next month is approaching.) If you miss the deadline for July, you will be able to sign up for August starting on July 20th. Please remember, in order to have your word check-ins counted for July, you must have signed up by responding to this post! This post is specifically just for choosing and pledging a word count that you want to aim for during the month of July. In order to sign up, you must reply to this post with the word count goal you would like to pledge for July. In order to keep the thread clean, please leave all discussion out of this post. If you have any questions, you can use this post to ask them. If you miss the deadline for signing up by a day or two, we will probably make an exception, but otherwise you'll have to wait until the August sign up is posted. When choosing your goal, remember that you are not aiming to write it within the six months as a whole, you are aiming to write it within a single month. Remember, you do not have to choose the same word count as the previous month. If you surpassed your goal or didn't come anywhere close to it, you are welcome to aim for a higher/lower goal for the month of April. You'll keep writing toward your word count goal for May until May 31st at midnight in your time zone. Remember that the following things count toward your word count: Story writing (novels/short stories) Fan Fiction Brainstorming (world building, character building, etc) Editing If you have not been checking into the check in post for June with your word counts, please make sure you do so! The check in post is here. 5k -Name here- 7k -Name here- 10k -Name here- 15k @Anthony Lockwood @Misades 20k @dragonhavn @Mynoris @Elena 25k -Name here- 30k @DaVinci 35k -Name here- 40k -Name here- 45k @Emskie-Wings 50k @A Blue Gorilla @Sam @Tigtogiba34 60k 65k -Name here- 70k -Name here- 75K -Name here- 80k -Name here- 85k -Name here- 90k -Name here- 95k -Name here- 100k -Name here- 125k -Name here- 150k -Name here- 175k -Name here- 200k -Name here- Tagging: @Penguinball, @Mynoris, @Sheepy-Pie, @Pinchofmagic, @taintedhero, @C_M_Clark, @RKM, @LShelby, @Amblygon, @Romancegirl, @Titania, @XanthussMarduk, @Autumn, @Crysania, @bdcharles, @Jessitiz, @DaVinci, @Tigtogiba34, @nikipinz, @fenn, @airrica, @Anthony Lockwood, @Dreamcatcher, @electric, @Elena, @TricksterShi, @Emskie-Wings, @Fluffypoodel, @EdelBeeRocker, @EliBrightwood, @lorneytunes, @M.N. Lanthier, @Pinchofmagic, @PurpleChocolate, @Storycollector, @Tangwystle, @Trekkie, @TricksterShi, @TwistedRiver, @roadmagician, @CrabbyMaiden, @Krimson Ravyn, @mathgnome, @tllbrinkley, @Dizzy72, @ZillieR00, @Misades, @jdvollans, @Sam, @lisa.morgan, @Rohierim, @jdvollans
  4. I wrote words! Today's date: June 19th Words to add: [2,652] words New total: [12,808] words I think it's safe to say that I can bump my goal. XD I'll bump it to 20k (it's currently 7k and I'm at 12k).
  5. Do you want to write something for the June writing challenge but have no ideas? Do you need some ideas tossed at you? Do you maybe have a scene/chapter that would work for the challenge but it needs some work (editing/plot-wise, etc)? This is your chance to ask for help! And if you have any questions about the challenge, you're of course welcome to ask! I didn't think I was going to write anything for the challenge, but I took a shower and had some vague ideas pop into my head. It's going to sort of be an "alternate" version of an event that took place many years before my current novel project starts. I'm mainly saying "alternate" because I'm not 100% positive that I can fit what would need to be fit within 5,000 words, for one thing, but also because I think it's going to be a bit different from the way it'll actually be written out in the eventual prequel novel I plan to write. So far I think it's going to be in the POV of my fairy prince, Ivar, before he was put under Aysel's spell (spoiler alert XD), and it'll basically involve a ball that will be in celebration of his father and brother's homecoming or something. So...we'll see how far I get with it and whether or not I can keep it to 5,000 words or less!
  6. I wrote words! Today's date: June 18th Words to add: [1,000] words New total: [10,126] words 1,000 words for an hour total of editing
  7. I wrote words! Today's date: June 17th Words to add: [5,000] words New total: [9,126) Edited 6/13/19 - 1,000 words Edited 6/14/19 - 1,500 words (an hour and a half) Edited 6/14/19 - 1,000 words Edited 6/17/19 - 500 words (30 minutes) Edited 6/17/19 - 1,000 words Should be 5,000 editing words total added to previous count
  8. So this was originally inspired by this list that I found on Pinterest https://www.pinterest.com/pin/405183297725265415/, which is for romantic tropes/scenes/whatever. In my case, I'm looking for your favorite tropes/scenes to use between a trio/group of friends who are on some kind of a journey together - the things that really show the reader that they're total BFFs and would pretty much do anything for each other and all that. (And if it makes any difference, this would be for a medieval inspired setting.) (I've already found the TV tropes page https://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/Main/ThePowerOfFriendship, but wanted to see if we could come up with some kind of a list of our own for discussion/future reference purposes.)
  9. Welcome to the forum, @Skya! As @Penguinball said, the forum has been around for three years as of June 1st! We've had a lot of fun discussions over the years, a lot of which have been moved into the archive. We don't have a necroposting rule, so if you see one that really sparks your interest you're welcome to revive it by starting a new post about it, since there's always a chance that old topics can bring in new perspectives and all that. We currently have a June writing challenge going, and also have a word count challenge going that is basically like our own version of NaNoWriMo. The next round of sign ups for July will be at the end of June, if you're interested. You can use almost whatever words you write during whatever month it is (so July) - i.e. your notes, an outline, or the actual story itself) as long as it's written during that month. If you're interested, here is the blurb write up with all of the important information. Anyway, let us know if you have any questions, and feel free to join us in Discord!
  10. This past weekend, I went to Vermont to the Von Trapp Family Lodge, and also went hiking. I uploaded the photos to Dropbox if anyone wants to check them out! Edit: It would help if I gave the link! 😛 https://www.dropbox.com/sh/bk5e55fvl82c3hc/AABJg_zVBcu3yKAst_7dd699a?dl=0
  11. Good grief. *Stares at her measly 500something followers on Twitter and hardly anything on Facebook or Instagram* >.>
  12. Technically you can count whatever you want because the validator doesn't know any different. A lot of people "rebel," especially for camp. So if you want to count your transcribing, go for it. @Penguinball add me. JediKnightMuse is my username.
  13. Hmm. I'm not sure whether or not I have one at the moment. XD I suppose unless it's something really obvious, it's harder to look at your own writing and decide what qualifies as this kind of moment. I would say...maybe with Ivar, either when he realizes who he really is and decides to gather allies to reclaim his throne or when he "bonds" with the dragon guardian that was assigned to his court. In terms of media, I know that you hated this book @Penguinball but there's a moment in Graceling where I remember being like HELL YES! I don't remember a lot about that specific scene but I just remember really loving that moment and really standing behind her when she did that.
  14. I wrote words! Today's date: June 4th Words to add: [4126] words
  15. I learned this a long time ago, sadly, and I really wish I had just followed through and transcribed what I could. The stories I'm thinking of are the early ones that I've mentioned 1,000 times, the ones that I wrote when I was a kid and were terrible, both story-wise and spelling/grammar-wise. I did try to transcribe them a few times, but I didn't get very far because I kept getting hung up on things that, as I tried to type them up, my brain was just saying "oh my god, this is so bad, I should not be doing this," and I wish I hadn't listened. So, basically, be glad you're doing this, because like you said, you can appreciate the things you're writing in the present much more, and also see how far you've come. I can really only do that based on what little memory I have of those stories at this point.
  16. I wrote words! Today's date: June 3rd Previous month's total: [2888] words New total: [385] words I started kind of listing out some ideas for the prequel to Court of Shadows and for an unrelated novel loosely based on an old role play I did...didn't get very far with either of them, but it still counts. XD
  17. Hi and welcome to the forum! Let us know if you have any questions! We currently have a few challenges going on - first is our June writing challenge, and second is the word count challenge that we're running. The word count challenge's deadline for June ended yesterday (on the 1st) but you can still sign up if you're at all interested. You can find the information about the challenge here, and can still pledge if you're interested in participating by joining the club and replying to this post with your pledge. Glad to see that our tweets lured someone into joining! 😄