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  1. It's a pretty tricky subject so I definitely support keeping any sharing off forum. However, I do believe that the catch is not inherently sharing but the intent to sell. But whatever. Hit me up PM and I am happy to share what I have if it is chosen for book club or something. I have a bit of a collection.
  2. I'm down for an accountability group. I definitely agree that the forums is best for pretty much any set up. Consistency is my greatest failure and I'm actively working on getting better. :D And people to remind me would be great.
  3. My goals! 1: Teach 3 craft classes a week. I need the money, the networking, and the practice in publice speaking 2: Read more. Read daily. Read so much that the librarians know me by name 3: Save my money. Live frugally. Maybe work on some minimalism. 4: Take more time for my mental health. My ADHD is is kicking my butt 5: Craft daily. Start my etsy shop. Be productive. 6: Sell my essential oils and grow it as a business. 7. Eat better and be a smidge more active. I passively lost 20 pounds in 2017 (I'm more suprised than you are!) Let's keep that up! 8: Take online classes to continue education. I may have at least temporarily given up on my bachelor's degree but that doesn't mean that I have to give up on education. 9: Take more time for my family. My siblings are in a critical age right now and I think I could do better as their big sister than I have these last couple years. 10: Take time for the girlfriend. She's the best thing that has ever happened to me. Can't mess it up. 11: Keep my house more tidy. I'm supposed to start working from home. I need to be better about chores. It's only fair. 12: Write every single day. Even if it makes me want to explode. Get it done. Rough drafts complete and edited. I have a publishing company to open.
  4. As a teenager it was something I talked about nonstop as a "what if" or a "one day". Then I stopped because I was embarrassed at not ever having anything written that I was comfortable letting people read. But for the most part, if you have ever gotten to know me even a little bit, you know I write. I will for sure be using a pen name. My name is boring, droll, and shares last names with famous yellow cartoons. I'm not impressed.
  5. It doesn't matter how slow you go! I know what it's like to have a book completely envelope me and render creation of my own world completely impossible. I am just super ambitious with all my goals, so don't mind me. Even 10 books would be awesome! Even ten minutes a day regularly.
  6. My number one new years resolution is to read more. I think I have been averaging less than 5 books a year lately. No bueno. I want to read at least a book a week and I want to read every single day. So I'm ready for suggestions! Or any books you are waiting for to be released in 2018 so I can mark my calender. I am good with print, ebooks. or audiobooks. Audiobooks are preferrable because it seems to be a very successful way to deal with my ADHD. Shall we start a Worldsmyths book club?
  7. Merry Christmas! I drove from CoMo to home in Illinois on Saturday with the girlfriend. Her mom's side was having family Christmas that night that we couldn't make it to so we went straight to my parent's. We got in our board games night so that was a lot of fun. Things are still a bit tense with the whole "Alex is dating a girl" thing and some other family drama, but everyone did pretty well behavior wise. Christmas eve, I spent the day at my parents. I started and did not finish a Magic the Gathering board game with my brothers. Haha. Then in-laws Christmas that night. Her grandma really spoils me and got me a floor lamp for the apartment and a few other things. Her mom continued my accidental tradition of getting Mickey Mouse pajamas for Christmas, so I'm rocking those right now. Girlfriend also got me a new set of the Harry Potter books because mine were kind of lost in all the moving (Read: My sister read my copies and damaged them so I didn't take them with me) Then Christmas Morning back with my parents and we went to town to be with my aunt and uncle for a couple hours. Then we drove an hour to her uncle's for dinner and left from his house to drive back to CoMo. We didn't get back until about 3 am and babe had to work at 9. She's gonna have a rough day today. But we had a nice time!
  8. Your name: Alex or Alexa What rating (G, PG, PG-13) of a story are you willing to read up to? Everything. What types of fantasy are you interested in reading? Everything/Anything What types of fantasy are you not interested in reading? I like serious high fantasy and modern fantasy. Really anything. I just love stories. Is there any specific content you don't want to read? (Violence, rape, etc) Nope, I'm pretty open to all topic. What would you say your strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to critiquing a story? I'm pretty new to Beta reading. I haven't done a lot of critiquing since my classes a few years ago. I know that grammar is not my strong suit but I'm fairly confident in my ability to help pinpoint issues with prose flow, continuity, and characterization How many chapters are you willing to read at a time? As many as you would need. My schedule has just become very flexible! Anything else? Not really. I'm just excited to start helping other writers.
  9. Let me know if you need or want another set of eyes. I will be available all of 2018 for any project.
  10. I am 100% free to read for anyone and my schedule has completely opened up to start dedicating time for this!
  11. In an attempt to get my life together I'm turning to writing more. I should be back on Monday with a submission. There's nothing like last minute brainstorming!