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    A collection of member-submitted writing resources and guides.
      1. About

        Information about this member-created resource.
      2. Inspiration

        The fuel that keeps writers moving. How do you stay motivated? Where do your ideas come from?
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      3. Plot

        Do you outline or pants it? How do you structure your story? What's the deal with pacing?
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      4. Worldbuilding

        There's so much that goes into building a fantasy world, from geography to politics to magic and more. How do you get through it all?
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      5. Character

        Where do your characters come from? Whether they walk into your mind fully formed or have to be built from the ground up, there are lots of aspects to discuss.
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      6. Narrative

        Writing style, perspective, description, and more: what makes your narrative style uniquely yours?
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      7. Revision

        What's your revision process? Do you get outside help? Do you put it away for a couple months to read later with fresh eyes?
      8. Publishing

        So the story's written. Now to send it out into the world! It's quite a process, isn't it?
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