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    Beta Reading Guidelines etc Feedback

    Right now the beta reading section is mostly underused, and has no guidelines/rules, which has unfortunately led to a lot of members who've registered, posted in that section asking for a beta reader, and then never returned to the forum. We want to avoid this happening as much as we can in the future, so we want to discuss potential rules/guidelines and would appreciate any suggestions you may have!

    Some things we're already discussing implementing are:

    • Having those who are looking for an alpha/beta reader post the first chapter of whatever they need read in the library so that any potential long-term alpha/beta readers can read a sample of it. This would either be one chapter or 1-3 chapters.
    • Making it so that there's a minimum amount of posts you have to make throughout the rest of the forum before being able to utilize the beta reader section. This would be so that we don't have members who join, post asking/offering to be a alpha/beta reader, and then never return to the forum.
    • Limiting whether Newbies can read stories in the library, too, if members feel that makes more of a buffer between their work and just anyone reading it. To read it you have to participate in the community and earn your Member promotion first.

    What rules/guidelines would you like to see for the beta reader section, going forward? What do you think of the ones listed above (particularly the third one)?

    Please reply to this post with any/all suggestions you may have, even if they seem like ones that we'd already be including. I'd like to be able to get a draft written soon so that by January (aka next week) they can officially be implemented and hopefully we can encourage more members to use the beta reader section from now on.

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