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    Mega Resource Dump

    The spreadsheet below is organized by modality (Character, Plot, Worldbuilding, Narrative, etc), then spec, then definer; basically from broad to more specific. 
    If you'd like to visit the actual Google Sheets link, you can filter/sort it differently, and you can comment. Please feel free to comment on the link itself or below if you find any broken links, have any suggestions, or want to add a resource.
    These resources have been compiled by the staff and members of Worldsmyths, with special thanks to Jedi Knight Muse, Sheepy, and kherezae.


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    3 hours ago, Burnstein said:

    Where do I even start? lol

    Fair question 😛 For me I think I'd wait until I ran into something tricky, like a character who just didn't feel right, and then browse the related category (so in that case, Character). 

    It'd be really ambitious to try to look through it all!

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