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Found 9 results

  1. The mentor without a clue. So, fantasy has so many tropes, and playing around with them has become more and more popular. Here's a thread for turning the old tropes into something with a comedic twist for inspiration. Pick a trope, any trope. The runaway princess: Instead of having a run-away princess, maybe everything runs away from her. Maybe she loses everything, literally. Not only pets and objects, but she lost a suitor in the garden maze (never to be seen again) and a hand-maiden at the county fair (she probably ran off with the toffee-apple vendor), and now it seems she lost her way back to the castle. Curse? Or is she just careless? It's becoming a real problem though.
  2. But sometimes imagination needs a kick in the pants. The Spice Rack is a series of lists for when you get stuck and need some inspiration. This one is about plot and scenes, and may help in those moments when you're stuck and need to come up with some fun happenings. The lists are basically just to get the ideas flowing, or just pinch one if you want. Please add your own ideas (or make a topic list yourself) and help a fellow writer out. :) * Map Trouble: Someone reads it wrong - uses it to start the camp fire -collects poison berries in it and it dissolves - the undead dog ate it - a ghosts passed through it and covered it in ectoplasm causing the ink to run - they divide it up in pieces between them but then someone runs off - someone memorises it and then burns it so they will be needed in the team (unfortunately their memory is not swell). * Worst Job Ever - To get information, meet someone or get close to an important location, they are forced to take one of the worst jobs ever. The foreman puts a dent in their plans. Or your characters get into a fight with the other workers for not being experienced. Bonus if a character take their new duties really seriously. * Unexpected Guest - Pretty much what you'd expect. Company arrives at the worst possible time, like when Danny the Demon are crouched down by your kitchen radiator to pick up a message from the underworld, and a loud uncle comes by to sing happy birthday. The worst imaginable person ever got invited to the camp-fire that night. Your mother arrives just as your spell starts to kick in. The spirit or deity you summoned brought their date. Or life-coach. Or mom. Please add your own ideas for exciting plot events in comments. Examples are appreciated, but not necessary.
  3. A thread for subplot-ideas that can be used for comic effect. Perhaps not all that original, but hopefully it may spark something. Add your own subplot-ideas in comments and help another writer in their struggles. Subplots: Your character helps someone who is so thankful that they try to help back, but it always backfires. A character needs to check in with someone (parent, spouse, workplace) and lies masterfully about the adventure, trying to make it sound harmless and normal. (also, Another character tries to learn this trick of deception, but just lacks the skill in a disastrous way.) The mock-turtle and the hare: Two different characters have their own way of dealing with problems. The confident, quick one realises in the end that the slower one has actually played a long con on them and is the winner (in whatever way). A character’s rituals for luck are driving the others crazy, but when they stop doing them (for the good of the group) all manner of bad luck rains down on all of them. One of the members agree to bring a present for a relative who lives close to where they’re going, but didn’t expect the gift would be so… big/violent/hungry/heavy/sought after by goblins. A trickster put something in the soup/stew/tea/beer and it makes people tell the absolute truth. When the group realise this they try to emulate the recipe to be used on their enemies, but the recipe is never quite right and instead of telling the truth the side-effects are quite strange. A reporter/writer comes along and their sole purpose is to document, but has the bad habit of narrating and making observations out-loud concerning everything to the character’s toilet habits to unexpressed resentments in the group. One character’s MacGyver-skills might not be as fine as they think, and when the rest of the group gets tired of handing them stuff from their packs the MacGyver starts to pick up things from the street or ask passers-by.
  4. A place for funny fantasy picture prompts! Post your own prompts here, and if you write something from one of the prompts that you wanna share, please submit it under our submission tab. That would be so much fun! Flash fiction or short stories, or chapters, or perhaps a lovely funtastic piece of poetry.
  5. When you think back, do any of your past experiences stick out as things that have or will impact your writing? Are there any that you thought at the time or right after the experience "Wow this is going (to help) in a book someday"? Any that you didn't think much of at the time, but in retrospect have had an influence on your writing? Some examples for me: Taekwondo. I didn't really think about it at the time, but practicing taekwondo or another combat sport can help with understanding things like combat fatigue, adrenaline, etc. That time I as an atheist (more of an agnostic now) fell for a Christian guy, and though it never really mattered in my case I wondered what it would be like for a devout Christian and staunch atheist to fall in love, and wanted to write that story. Military basic training. I went in knowing it would be an experience that could help me understand characters with a military background, military organizations, etc. Learning Korean, visiting Korea on language immersion; I actually thought these would be more influential than they have been so far, although I'm sure they've helped with my grasp on foreign cultures in worldbuilding. Horseback riding over Thanksgiving break, for sure. Nothing like experiencing it for real to help with writing about characters on horseback. I got polygraphed Monday and just... that experience is going to help in a story someday, I know it xD And I'm sure every relationship I've had, every job I've had, everything will contribute in some way, but those are the things that stand out to me at the moment! You?
  6. There's nothing wrong with the old standard ingredients for spells. Herbs, bones, rusty nails, crystals and feathers can work fine. But for the trickier spells more exotic ingredients might be required. It's stuff that's good to have in your stores at home, or in your bag or pockets. Let's make a list! raisins dryer-lint Pez-candy grated crayons clothes-pins raspberry sprinkles tears of a robot rusty chain from a playground swing peanut shells the stick shift knob from a 1971 Ford Pinto bendy straws subway gum electric store membership cards old style hair curlers Cuban cigar bands plastic C-clips in different shapes a stranger’s used napkin We need more, so please add your own ingredients for making splendid spells better.
  7. So, food is funny... and delicious. But mostly funny. JK Rowling have a blast with it in Harry Potter. Nanny Ogg's hilarious cookbook in Maskerade is simply unforgettable for so many reasons. Who doesn't remember how four Lembas breads are not enough to choke a hungry, hungry hobbit? Food is in all our lives, all the time, so let's have some fun with it. Whether you stop at a hole-in-the-wall, a fancy restaurant, a food cart on the street, get invited to a dinner party or just whip something up in your kitchen, strange things can happen. Here's a list to get the imagination going for culinary mishaps or miracles. Or very deliberate spells. Please add to it in comments. We're all very hungry here. Deviled eggs that actually calls up the devil on his cell phone for direct communication (or his voice-mail. Please leave a message). Overly-ripe avocado porridge that makes you sleepy and angry at the same time. A fruit compote that attract bats unless you add an aspirin to it. Coffee with cinnamon and a splash of tabasco will make you speak in a rare language until you finish it. Pasta that makes you into a confident foodie, commenting on every bite with suggestions for improvements to the recipe. An ordinary potato gratin will become a path-way to the spirit world when you add garlic, cayenne pepper and some cotton candy. Inhale the fumes when it comes out of the oven and step into the mist. Bring some melted cheese with you for a safe return. Buffalo chicken with glazed carrots and mint-sauce will make you completely honest and make your breath fresh at the same time. Probably my favourite strange food scene in Supernatural. The Biggerson's Pepperjack Turducken Slammer!
  8. The Knights are slacker, the heirs are idiots, the King is never not drunk, and the Royal Advisors have honestly just given up at this point. But as the Royal Scribe, it's your job to write a story that makes them all sound like the stuff of legend. This is the place for funny text prompts. Your own prompts or things you find online, they have a home here, and we'll give them warm milk and lots of love. :)