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Found 2 results

  1. kherezae

    Advent Day 5: Love Plot

    It's a Plot Wednesday during our Advent Calendar Challenge! Plot is a trickier one, so we'll make it a bit more open-ended with two choices, each involving conflict in a loving relationship. Complete this December 5th if you can, but if you can't do it on time, don't let that stop you if you still want to try! Comment here with your responses, or if you feel inspired to write a flash fic piece, post it in the library with the tag "advent day 5" so I can find it. Keep track of all the Advent challenges here! Here are your two prompts. Tell us about the hardest conflict faced by two of your characters who love each other. (Doesn't have to be romantic love.) OR Invent a conflict these two will have to face:
  2. kherezae

    Advent Day 12: Joy Plot

    It's Wednesday, so it's time to work on plot! This can be a general idea for a plot, a plot twist, anything like that. (I got a little excited on prompts, forgive me, haha.) If you write fic, share it in the library and tag it with 'advent day 12' so I can find it. Otherwise, feel free to leave it as a comment here! Like the other advent events, there's no hard deadline on this. Try to get it done December 12th, but if you need to do it early or late -- well, better to participate than not! Keep track of all the Advent challenges here! Here are today's prompts: AND/OR AND/OR