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Found 10 results

  1. Today's question centers around Crowning Moments of Awesome (Warning, TVTropes Link). Also known as a Stand Up and Cheer moment, this is when your character does something really awesome. Maybe they've overcome a dark moment and rallied against the enemy, or maybe they've just done something super cool. This is a moment where the reader wants to jump off the couch and shout with excitement. The Task: Tell us about a CMoA from one of your own works, or alternatively, pick one from a favourite piece of media. What makes the moment Awesome? What advice would you give to someone who wants to include some of these moments in their own work?
  2. What is the most dangerous situation your main character(s) has/have been in?
  3. What's your favorite part of the story to write (beginning, middle, end)? What part is your least favorite? Do you have any advise for getting through writing your least favorite?
  4. How do you let the reader know the rules of your world? Some writers spell everything out through conversation, sometimes with one character knowing everything like the tutorial avatar in an RPG. Other writers keep the readers guessing and drop hints slowly over time. What are your strategies for enmeshing your readers in your world?
  5. What do you love about the fantasy genre? What do you hate about it? Why? Edit/bonus question: are there any examples of things in books you've read that you can't stand? Have they been enough to make you stop reading the book? (Random gif is random and not because I hate unicorns or anything :P)
  6. What do you think of prologues/epilogues? Do you think they're just excuses to give info dumps, or are they actually useful to the reader/writer? Do you read or skip over a prologue/epilogue when you're reading a book? Do you have any epilogues/prologues in your own writing? Do you have a favorite epilogue/prologue that you've read/written?
  7. Has your MC ever killed anyone? If so, what was the situation? How did they feel about it? If not, could they ever kill anyone? If you have any suggestions for more questions of the day, you can reply to this post with them!
  8. What is the most difficult choice your characters have to make?
  9. If any of your characters are hiding a huge secret, what happens when others find out? What is/are the secret(s)?
  10. If you have any suggestions for the questions of the day, reply here with them and we'll use them as a future question!