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  1. When you think back, do any of your past experiences stick out as things that have or will impact your writing? Are there any that you thought at the time or right after the experience "Wow this is going (to help) in a book someday"? Any that you didn't think much of at the time, but in retrospect have had an influence on your writing? Some examples for me: Taekwondo. I didn't really think about it at the time, but practicing taekwondo or another combat sport can help with understanding things like combat fatigue, adrenaline, etc. That time I as an atheist (more of an agnostic now) fell for a Christian guy, and though it never really mattered in my case I wondered what it would be like for a devout Christian and staunch atheist to fall in love, and wanted to write that story. Military basic training. I went in knowing it would be an experience that could help me understand characters with a military background, military organizations, etc. Learning Korean, visiting Korea on language immersion; I actually thought these would be more influential than they have been so far, although I'm sure they've helped with my grasp on foreign cultures in worldbuilding. Horseback riding over Thanksgiving break, for sure. Nothing like experiencing it for real to help with writing about characters on horseback. I got polygraphed Monday and just... that experience is going to help in a story someday, I know it xD And I'm sure every relationship I've had, every job I've had, everything will contribute in some way, but those are the things that stand out to me at the moment! You?