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  1. Staff


    In an effort to make our community a safe and welcoming place for all members, please take care to abide by these simple rules. At the bottom you'll find our procedures for handling rule violations. General You must be at least 13 years of age to join Worldsmyths. You may use a penname or internet handle to preserve your privacy or just because you want to; it's your choice. You may not post or share anything on Worldsmyths that violates local, state, national, or international law or regulations. Site Rating: PG-13 Because members may be as young as 13, our overall site rating is PG-13. That said, there are certain areas of the site that do allow for a higher rating. On the main site, to include the forums, Library, Resources, and any other areas not explicitly labeled as having a higher rating, these are our content expectations: Keep swearing to a minimum; strong swearing should only be used in your writing in a fitting context to your characters' voice. Sexual content (if any) should fade to black before any explicit mention of sexual organs, actions, etc. Implication is fine. Violence is acceptable but should not be described in intense, gory detail. Respect & Conflict Resolution Treat everyone (members, staff, guests) with respect; don't swear at anyone or insult anyone. Worldsmyths is a safe space for all people who respect and value others. Regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, gender identity, sexuality, mental illness, and whether neural typical or atypical, you are welcome here. As such, discrimination based on any of these characteristics is unacceptable. Where opinions differ, discuss your differences calmly and politely or agree to disagree. Please be aware that in a text-based environment, sometimes tone does not translate well. Give someone the benefit of the doubt if they say something that could be interpreted as rude; ask for clarification, or express that it seemed rude to you and why. If a disagreement escalates, don't encourage it. Contact a staff member. Even if you take steps to de-escalate, let someone on staff know so they can monitor the situation. Posting & Submissions On the forum, in the Library, when submitting Resources, and pretty much anywhere else outside of perhaps Discord, please try to use correct grammar and spelling. Proofread your posts; errors are to be expected, but please try to catch what you can and avoid submitting content riddled with mistakes. Keep aesthetics and ease of reading in mind; avoid tiny or huge fonts, overly stylized fonts, obnoxious colors, etc. We have a tagging system that you're encouraged to use! We don't have predefined tags, but if you start typing something, suggestions will pop up if there are pre-existing tags. Please try to use pre-existing tags if there are any that fit. Please try to choose a few key topics/elements (say up to 5 or so in most cases) to tag. If your post or submission could address topics that might be triggering for someone, be sure to give a warning at the beginning. It can also be good to put that particular content under a spoiler tag. "Triggering" does not mean "upsetting" or "making uncomfortable." People may have experienced things in their lives that cause them to have anxiety/panic attacks when confronted unexpectedly with certain content. This is what we're trying to avoid. If someone asks you to tag something with a trigger/content warning, do it. You may not understand why the content causes them anxiety, but it hurts you less to give a warning than it hurts them to be triggered by it. Give a content warning if your content mentions or implies: rape, sexual molestation or harassment, substance abuse, etc. (This is not a complete list. Please alert the staff if you would like to have something added to this list.) Uploading Images You may upload cover images and other images to your posts. Make sure they aren't too large or it could cause an upload error. The site automatically resizes anything larger than 1200x1200px to fit within those dimensions. Use images you have permission to use, such as free stock photos. Here are a couple of sites where you can find such photos: Pexels Unsplash: These are typically very large and you may have to resize them so that the uploader can handle them. Submitting to the Library Maintain the PG-13 and below content rating that applies to the main site. Abide by the above posting and submissions rules. Post in the Public category only if you don't mind guests reading your work. We expect it to be light on submissions, but it might be nice to have some stories for guests to read as they browse the site, especially potential new members. Tagging can be very helpful here in helping readers find stories they're interested in, so please keep that in mind when choosing tags. If you're posting a chaptered work, you may use pagination for chapters (the button to the right of the font size drop down) if you like. But if you prefer, you may ask the staff to make you a special subcategory for your novel so that you can post chapters individually and receive reviews per chapter. Submitting to Resources Use this guide to help determine what sorts of resources to submit. Abide by the Posting & Submissions rules; be especially careful about proofreading your work, as the goal is to submit a polished resource for other writers to reference. Please don't submit a resource that is essentially just like something already posted to our Resources. If you want to tackle a similar topic with a unique spin, though, it can be good sometimes. Tagging here is a bit more important than other areas, as searching the tags can help determine whether an idea you have for a submission already exists. These submissions are moderated, so when you submit something it will not show up right away; instead the staff will review it and either accept it or give you a reason it can't be accepted. Comments, Reviews, Etc. You can react to, rate, comment on, and review Library and Resource submissions. Reactions: All reactions give positive reputation except the Confused one, so choose a reaction that suits how the submission made you feel... but reserve the Confused reaction for submissions that didn't make sense to you. Comments: These are for quick comments and thoughts on a submission, such as "I liked it!" or "Good job!" Ratings: If you leave a review, you may also rate the submission out of 5 stars. Rate it honestly, but be considerate of the author and give a rationale behind your rating. Reviews: Reviews are intended for more thorough feedback. You may only leave one review per story/entry, so if an author is posting a chaptered story through use of pagination, be thoughtful in deciding if/when to use the Review function over comments. Check over your review for errors, and be sure to be honest but considerate of the author, and if the author had any feedback requests, check whether you fulfilled them.