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Found 2 results

  1. Worldsmyths Million Writing Challenge 2019 So last year, we held a writing challenge from March to the end of August called the Worldsmyths Million challenge. It was basically a six month long version of NaNoWriMo, where members signed up to commit to reaching a specific word goal through those six months, and our overall goal as a site was to reach one million words. One of our members, @JayLee, has her own editing business and sponsored prizes for it through that. Like NaNoWriMo, only words written for fictional projects are counted towards your word count goal, and this is the only time where counting words written for role playing, fan fiction and non-fantasy is allowed. You can include world building information, role play posts, outlines, etc, as long as it's written between March 1st and August 31st. Unfortunately, we had a lot of members who signed up for the challenge but went MIA within a few months or less and never fully committed to the challenge. I was talking with my co-coordinator for the challenge, @Manu, and she suggested that instead of having one goal that members have to sign up for to reach throughout the six months, we would allow members to sign up and pledge a smaller goal each month, and at the end of August we would tally everyone's word counts together to see if we reached 1 million words again. So basically, it would be a six month long version of Camp NaNo, where you get to choose the word count goal you want to aim for each month, instead of like last year where you had to pledge a goal and could only decrease it for the entire six months instead of increase it for each individual month. We decided that it would be good to see what kind of interest there is in this challenge again, and see if doing it this way is something that people would be interested in. Once we know how much interest there is, we'll go from there with modifying the challenge information from last year to work for this set up. Last year, we had the following goals that people could sign up for: 15k: This should give you 82 words a day 20k: This should give you 110 words a day 30k: This should give you 165 words a day 40k: This should give you 220 words a day 50k: This should give you 275 words a day 60k: This should give you 330 words a day 75k: This should give you 410 words a day 100k: This should give you 550 words a day 125k: This should give you 685 words a day 150k: This should give you 820 words a day 175k: This should give you 955 words a day 200k: This should give you 1100 words a day So, here are the questions we have that we need answers for: 1. How many of you are interested in this challenge? Do you like the idea of this new set up? 2. Do you think we should stick with these same goals that members can sign up for each month? (We could probably add in 5k and 10k to the list, but I just copy and pasted from last year's Google doc for this post.) Please reply to this post with your thoughts and whether or not you'd be interested in participating. Once we have an idea of how many people are interested, we'll work on getting you more information about the challenge!
  2. With the Wordsmyth Million Writing Challenge coming up we thought we should get a second opinion from you, the participants, on which method of tracking word count month to month works best. We have two options, resetting each month, or continuous word counts. Please make sure to thoroughly read the following before voting! Also feel free to reply to the post with your thoughts/any questions you may have! 1) Resetting Monthly Counts - You would still have a total challenge goal, like pledging 90k words, but we would focus more on words written per month, with your monthly total rolling back to zero while still tracking your continuous words in the background. A 90k goal puts your monthly amount to hit par at 15k words. If I wrote 16,427 words in March, at the beginning of April my total would be 0 (16,427). The logic behind this is to avoid feeling discouraged if you get behind, to better allow you to adjust your monthly goals to hit the overall target, and to make people jumping in halfway through feel more welcome. For example, if I have a bad March, and only write 10k, my April total could adjust to 20k, or I could split the deficit equally over all the months. 2) Continuous Word Counts - What it says on the box. Your word count reflects your progress on your total pledge regardless of the month. So if I wrote 16,427 in March, and 21, 995 in April, on May 1st my total is 38,442 words. This allows easier tracking of my pledge, so I know how much I've written more easily. There are pros and cons to both so please let us know which you prefer! Please make sure to vote in the poll! I'm also tagging everyone who responded to the previous post about the challenge, but we invite and encourage everyone who didn't respond and is interested in the challenge to vote and let us know what their thoughts are! We'll give a few days or so to give everyone a chance to give their feedback before making any final decisions about this! @Manu @Penguinball @Autumn @TricksterShi @kkmorgan @Titania @Emskie-Wings @Pinchofmagic @Elena @Dreamcatcher @Anthony Lockwood @JayLee @tllbrinkley @electric